Description:  The Juniper Networks QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO Ethernet switch supports a slew of deployment choices. The switch comprises 8GB memory. It comes with various automation capabilities.

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About QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO

The QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO Ethernet switch brought to you by Juniper Networks renders an IEEE data center bridging network between an FCoE enabled fiber channel storage area network and FCoE enabled servers. The switch has the ability to function like a label-switching router with low latency. It can be used for automatic as well as zero-touch deployments. The switch has up to four mirroring destination ports and VLANs. It complies with various EMC requirements and safety approvals. The switch supports Virtual Chassis technology for operating 10 interconnected switches as a single unit with just one IP address. Its inbuilt Insight Technology capability offers troubleshooting and performance data through hotspot statistics and microburst monitoring. This Ethernet switch is associated with 32GB SSD storage and 550ns low latency. It ensures error-free network configurations because of the commit and rollback functionality of the Junos OS. The switch has a compact 2 U design with 10GbE aggregation. It also has 64-way equal-cost multipath capabilities as well as BGP add path. The switch can be utilized in software-defined networks for deploying robust Layer 3 underlays. It features front-to-back air flow to ensure consistency with server designs for cold- and hot-aisle deployments. The switch offers sustained wire-speed switching with low jitter and sub-microsecond latency for any packet size. The switch offers support for high density 10GbE/FCoE Layer 2 access deployments.


Technical specifications

The QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO has 12 MB shared buffers.

22.44 inches

The height of the QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO is 3.46 inches.

17.36 inches

Each port of the QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO has eight unicast hardware queues.

9,216 bytes

There are four multicast hardware queues per port of the QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO.


The QFX5100-96S-DC-AFO has a switching capacity of 2.56 Tbps / 1.44 Bpps.

-40C to 70C

0% to 95% without condensation







Low 3:1 oversubscription from access to aggregation High-density and low-latency 10GbE and 40GbE interfaces Rich automation capabilities QSFP+ port configuration as a 4 x 10GbE interface Compact 2 U design


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