Description:  The QFX5100-96S-AFO Ethernet switch offered by Juniper Networks has several flexible deployment options. This switch also incorporates multiple Layer 2 and Layer 3 features. It sports a high-density configuration.

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About QFX5100-96S-AFO

The Juniper Networks QFX5100-96S-AFO Ethernet switch is characterized by a high level of flexibility. The switch adheres to a wide range of safety approvals. It incorporates a redundant trunk group and multi-chassis link aggregation. The switch is deployed in industry-standard architectures as well as the manufacturers Virtual Chassis architectures. The switch supports integration with VMware NSX SDN controllers. It runs on the Junos OS operating system that enhances its capabilities and functionality. The switch functions like a native 10GbE data center access switch of high density. It has a number of features to support plug-and-play operations and network automation. The Ethernet switch has 2.56 Tbps switching capacity. Its ingress and egress filters include VLAN filters, port filters and routed filters. The switch can assist in detecting uplink failures. It complies with INCITS T11 FC-BB-5 standards. The switch is an ideal option for demanding data center deployments. It uses a single-phase 110V to 240V AC power supply. The switch is enriched with automation capabilities. It helps in increasing the performance for virtual servers and physical servers as well as storage in the data center. The switch delivers active server dual homing. It is utilized in Layer 3 underlays for software-defined networks. The Ethernet switch provides a full-featured DCB implementation that renders strong monitoring capabilities.


Technical specifications

The QFX5100-96S-AFO supports virtualization protocols like Virtual Extensible LAN and Open vSwitch Database protocol.

10GbE and 40GbE options

Ten QFX5100-96S-AFO switches can be interconnected at a time to be operated and managed as a single device with a single IP address.

Compatible with the manufacturer's EX4300 Ethermet switch, QFX3600 switch and QFX3500 switch

The QFX5100-96S-AFO has 96 SFP+/SFP ports.

1.5GHz dual-core Intel CPU

Yes, the QFX5100-96S-AFO supports dyynamic buffer utilization monitoring and reporting with a 10 milliseconds time interval for latency insight and microburst.


The QFX5100-96S-AFO uses a redundant AC power supply.

Store-and-foward and cut-through





Up to 610m



Supports a large range of RFCs Resilient FCoE connectivity 4,096 VLAN IDs 64 multiple Spanning Tree Protocol instances MAC address filtering


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