Description:  The QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI from the Juniper Networks line of Ethernet switches is energy efficient, powerful, and user-friendly. This switch is equipped with port-based VLAN, OpenStack integration, IPv6 6PE, and several other features. The device encompasses 48 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports, redundant fans and 6 QSFP ports.

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About QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI

The Juniper Networks QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI is a top-end Ethernet switch powered by enhanced transmission selection, priority-based flow control, and more data center bridging features. It ensures a simplified network at data centers where multiple devices must be connected and work together. Rapid Spanning Tree protocol, MAC address filtering, port-based VLAN, and routed VLAN Interface are some of its Layer 2 features, ensuring fast data transmission. You can make the most of plug-and-play or automation options. Features like Python scripting, automatic rollback, and zero-touch provisioning enhance its user-friendliness while OpenStack, VMware NSX, and Puppet integration add to the user experience. An upliftment from static allocation is also ensured in this device with an intelligent 12 MB buffer management system. The Junos operating system is all about superior performance and the QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI reflects the same with exclusive features like BGP add-path, L3 VPN, IPv6 6PE, and MPLS. When it comes to the form factor, this switch will surely impress with its sleek and compact 1.72 x 17.36 x 21.47 in. size and only 24.8 lbs weight. The rack-mountable kit comes inside the box, letting you install the switch in your preferred rack. The power consumption of the DC-powered Juniper QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI is 335 W. The redundant fans with back-to-front airflow enhance cooling. There are 48 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports plus 6 QSFP ports in this device. The switching capacity of this switch is 1.44 Tbps/1.08 Bpps. Ensuring diverse environmental ranges, it features operating temperature between 32F and 104 F.


Technical specifications

The Layer 2 features in the QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI are root protect, loop protect, routed VLAN interface etc.

1.72 x 17.36 x 21.47 in

The QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI comes with static routing, dynamic host configuration protocol, virtual router redundancy protocol and more Layer 3 features.

5% to 90% (Operating)

The QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI is equipped with the Junos operating system.

Up to 2000 ft

The size of the QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI is 1.72 x 17.36 x 21.47 in.


The QFX5100-48T-DC-AFI has 48 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports and 6 QSFP ports.

-40F to 158 F

32F to 104 F


1.44 Tbps/1.08 Bpps


335 W



Storage temparature between -40F and 158 F Up to 2,000 ft operating altitude 4,000 firewall filters Local designated forwarding Static ARP support


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