Description:  The Juniper Networks QFX5100-48T-AFO is an Ethernet switch from the QFX5100 series that uses the Junos operating system and has 1.44 Tbps/1.08 Bpps switching capacity. It has a total of 48 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports as well as 6 QSFP ports. The operating temperature range and altitude of this switch are from 32F to 104 F and up to 2,000 feet.

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About QFX5100-48T-AFO

Juniper Networks presents its innovative and powerful Junos operating system equipped QFX5100-48T-AFO Ethernet switch. This Ethernet switch from the QFX5100 series is designed for every medium to small-scale data center. With safety approvals such as the GR-63-Core (2006), EN 60950-1 (2005), and IEC 60950-1 (2005), this one wont let you down with your data streaming needs for sure. The dimensions of this Ethernet switch is close to 1.72 x 17.36 x 21.47 in. while the weight is about 24.8 lbs. With the rack mountable kit packed inside the box, installing it is a simple process. The switching capacity of 1.44 Tbps/1.08 Bpps along with built-in port-to-PSU airflow ensures a hassle-free performance while saving energy consumption. The redundant fans keep this device cool when in use for long hours. The Juniper QFX5100-48T-AFO comes with multiple 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports and QSFP ports. It has 4,096 VLAN IDs plus 4,000 firewall filters. The operating temperature varies between 32F and 104 F and the storage temperature is between -40F and 158 F. The relative humidities are 5% to 90% (operating) and 0% to 95% (non-operating). This Ethernet switch supports up to 2,000 feet of operating altitude. Juniper never fails to impress its users with management and operations features and this model is just about that. You will get impressive features like MPLS LSR support, RSVP-based signaling, LDP tunneling, static label-switched paths, and more in this Ethernet switch. The multicast features include IGMP snooping, static ARP support, sticky MAC address, security, and filters - to name just a few!


Technical specifications

The storage temperature of the QFX5100-48T-AFO is 32F to 104 F.

1.72 x 17.36 x 21.47 in.

The size of the QFX5100-48T-AFO is 1.72 x 17.36 x 21.47 in.

24.8 lbs

There are 4,096 VLANs in the QFX5100-48T-AFO.


The QFX5100-48T-AFO has 48 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports, and 6 QSFP ports.

9,216 bytes

The operating altitude of the QFX5100-48T-AFO is up to 2,000 feet.

48 100M/1G/10G RJ-45 ports, and 6 QSFP ports


Up to 2000 ft

335 W

-40F to 158 F

32F to 104 F



DHCP snooping Enhanced transmission selection USB Port Graceful RE switchover LDP-based signaling


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