Description:  The QFX-PFA-4Q is a packet flow accelerator expansion module from Juniper Networks. The expansion module is used to transform the Ethernet switch into an application accelerator system, The product is used with the manufacturer's QFX5100-24Q-AA Ethernet switch.

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About QFX-PFA-4Q

The QFX-PFA-4Q packet flow accelerator expansion module is manufactured by Juniper Networks. The expansion module adds four extra ports to QSFP+ ports to a QFX5100-24Q-AA Ethernet switch from the same manufacturer. The product has several LEDs on its panel including FPGA LEDs and an LED to highlight the operating status. It is associated with a double width. The expansion module helps the Ethernet switch function like an intelligent application acceleration system. The product is equipped with an Altera Stratix V 320 Gbps FPGA featuring 24 GB DDR3 SDRAM for packet memory. The module encompasses a field-programmable gate array of high performance 320 Gbps. It renders support for optical fiber type media and 40GBase-X network technology. The expansion module is widely used in optical and data networks in tower, blade and rack servers. The product has a size of about 7 x 6 x 2 inches. The module also includes 72 MB quad data-rate SRAM for low latency processing. Its status LED is illuminated in green when the expansion module functions as intended and remains unlit if the chassis is powered off or the module is offline. The expansion module encompasses one million logical elements. The product associated switch is powered by the manufacturers robust Junos operating system. The module assists the Ethernet switch in rendering a wide set of deployment options like spine and leaf, Layer 3 and fabric.


Technical specifications

The QFX-PFA-4Q is a packet flow accelerator type expansion module.


The manufacturer's QFX5100-24Q-AA Ethernet swiitch is used with the QFX-PFA-4Q.

4 QSFP+ Ports

Yes, the QFX-PFA-4Q offers support for low latency.

Double Wide

The QFX-PFA-4Q helps to add four QSFP+ ports to the Ethernet switch.

Aletra Stratix V320

The QFX-PFA-4Q is associated with a double width.


72 MB




Packet Flow Accelerator



Increases the number of QSFP+ ports in the QFX5100-24Q-AA switch Low llatency processing Altera Stratix V 320 FGPA High-performance 320 Gbps field-programmable array Equipped with status LED


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