Description:  The QFX-EM-4Q is an expansion module from Juniper Networks. The module is used to increase the number of QSFP+ ports in the QFX5100-24Q Ethernet switch. It can be configured as either uplinks or access ports.

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About QFX-EM-4Q

The Juniper Networks QFX-EM-4Q expansion module is used in association with the manufacturers QFX5100-24Q Ethernet switch to increase its port density. The module adds a total of four QSFP+ ports to the Ethernet switch. Each QSFP+ port offered by the module can be used as a native 40 Gbe port without channelization. It comes with a weight of 1.46 pounds. This expansion module is a hot-insertion as well as hot-removal field-replaceable unit. This allows it to be removed and replaced without affecting the normal functionality of the switch. The product is fitted on one of the bays on the port panel of the Ethernet switch. The module has no support for channelization. It features a plug-in form factor that makes the installation process very easy to accomplish. The expansion module supports optical fiber type media. The product incorporates 40GBase-X network technology plus 40 Gigabyte Ethernet technology. It is environment friendly and is RoHS compliant. The module is highly recommended for optical and data networking needs. This expansion module comes equipped with a status LED for highlighting its operating status. The associated switch makes use of two modules. The module has support for only 40 Gigabit XLE interfaces in a specific range that varies based on whether it is used as the primary expansion module or the secondary expansion module.


Technical specifications

The QFX-EM-4Q is used to iincrease the number of QSFP+ ports in the Ethernet switch.

Port expansiion in QFX5100-24Q Ethernet switches.

The QFX-EM-4Q helps to add four extra ports to the Ethernet switch.

4 QSFP+ Ports

The QFX-EM-4Q can be used with the manufacturer's QFX5100-24Q Ethernet switch.


The QFX-EM-4Q offers a total of eight uplinks for the Ethernet switch.


No, the QSFP+ ports offered by the QFX-EM-4Q cannot be channelized.




Plug-In Module

Bay on the Port Panel

1.45 lbs.



For additional QSFP+ ports Hot-insertion and hot-removal support Supports configuration as access ports Compatible with QFX5100-24Q Ethernet switches Permits a total of eight switch uplinks


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