Description:  The JPSU-850W-AC-AFI power supply unit from Juniper Networks is designed to offer the functions of a redundant power supply. The AC PSU can be very easily connected to the QFX5100-96S Ethernet switch without any effort. The product has an output power of 850 W.

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About JPSU-850W-AC-AFI

The JPSU-850W-AC-AFI from Juniper Networks is a high-quality PSU used in data centers with the manufacturers Ethernet switches. The power supply unit supports operation in a diverse operating temperature range. The product features an internal cooling system with back to front airflow. It comes installed in the manufacturer's QFX5100-96S Ethernet switch. The power supply unit can be replaced without turning off the Ethernet switch. This makes it possible to ensure that the switching function does not get disrupted. The PSU connection with the switch can be done only after taking care to make sure that the switch chassis has been connected to the earth ground. The PSU should be secured in place in the chassis with the latches provided. The plug-in form factor makes it easy to fix or remove the power supply unit whenever needed. This power supply unit is in working condition if its LED lights up in green when it has been connected and turned on. The product has a gold power supply handle with a fan icon. The supporting switch is equipped with different types of ports such as a console port, a USB port and two management ports. The Ethernet switch also has 96 1GbE SFP ports, 104 10GbE SFP+ ports and 8 40GbE QSFP+ ports.


Technical specifications

The JPSU-850W-AC-AFI has an output power rating of 850 W.

Back to Front

The airflow takes place from back to front in the JPSU-850W-AC-AFI.

110 VAC to 240 VAC

The JPSU-850W-AC-AFI supports operation with the QFX5100-96S Ethernet switch.

850 W

Yes, the JPSU-850W-AC-AFI supports hot-plug operation.

QFX5100-96S Ethernet Switch

The JPSU-850W-AC-AFI has an AC type input voltage.


Juniper Azure Blue

19 x 6 x 4 in.

Internal Cooling System

Yes (Ethernet Switch)




Juniper Gold power supply handle Designed for QFX5100-96S Ethernet switch 850 W outpit power 110 VAC to 240 VAC voltage rating Hot-plug form factor


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