Description:  The JPSU-650W-AC-AFO power supply from Juniper Networks operates with the manufacturer's Ethernet switches. The power supply is associated with 650W power consumption. It portrays front-to-back airflow direction.

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About JPSU-650W-AC-AFO

The JPSU-650W-AC-AFO power supply unit de;ivered by Juniper Networks enhances the performance of its QFX5100 Ethernet switches. The product functions like an AC redundant power supply featuring front-to-back airflow direction. It is used with the Ethernet switch in dynamic data centers. The switch has a high-density configuration. This power supply unit offers an output power of 650 W. The product comes with air vents on its chassis on both the front plus rear panel. It depicts compatibility with the QFX5100-24Q, QFX5100-48T and QFX5100-48S Ethernet switches offered by manufacturer. The associated Ethernet switch features support for a wide range of virtualization protocols. The power supply unit depicts a hot-plug form factor. The product is connected to an Ethernet switch that is suitable for top-of-rack deployments with various speeds and densities. The associated switch is capable of optimizing space and delivering low latency that help to reduce the operating costs of the related data center. The power supply unit works with an Ethernet switch that features 8 GB memory. The switch is powered by the manufacturers Junos operating system. It allows interconnection with nine other switches by incorporating the Virtual Chassis technology. The Ethernet switch portrays a diverse operating range and supports active as well as active server dual homing along with advanced routing capabilities. The switch supports 288,000 MAC addresses in a pure L2 environment.


Technical specifications

The JPSU-650W-AC-AFO has an output power of 650 W.


The JPSU-650W-AC-AFO is an AC redundant power supply.

100 VAC to 120 VAC

Yes, the JPSU-650W-AC-AFO has air vents on the front and air panels of its chassis.

200 VAC to 240 VAC

The airflow in the JPSU-650W-AC-AFO takes place in front to back direction.

650 W

Yes, the JPSU-650W-AC-AFO can be used with three Ethernet switches of the QXF5100 series.

QFX5100-48S, QFX5100-48T and QFX5100-24Q Ethernet switches

AC Redundant Power Supply


8 lbs.

Juniper Gold

80 Plus Silver PSU Efficiency



Font-to-back airflow Compatible with QFX5100 Ethernet switches AC redundant power supply Hot-plug form factor Intel-core processor in the Ethernet switch


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