Description:  The Juniper EX2300-24T-TAA is a TAA-compliant Ethernet switch powered by 2 GB DRAM and 2 GB internal storage memory. Equipped with features like 802.1X port-level access control and Layer 2-4 policy enforcement, security is ensured by this device. It has a sleek design that saves space while ensuring excellent performance with minimum noise.

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About EX2300-24T-TAA

The EX2300-24T-TAA from the house of Juniper is a small to medium-scale network Ethernet switch equipped with four 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ and 24-port 10/100/1000BASE-T. This TAA-compliant model from the EX2300 series comes with standards-based Layer 2-4 policy enforcement and 802.1X port-level access control. With these threat detection technologies and features like dynamic host configuration and dynamic ARP inspection, youll be able to ensure maximum security based on location, user identity, device, and other elements. The EX2300 series Ethernet switch is designed with advanced virtual chassis technology, which ensures AI-driven operations. Youll be able to connect your devices like video phones, video cameras, WLAN access points, telephones, and other devices simultaneously with this single switch. The best part of this device is that its equipped with 2 GB DRAM. The sleek form factor with a dimension of approximately 1.75 inches (height)*10.2 inches (depth)* 17.5 inches (width) is another highlighting aspect of this model. This TAA Ethernet switch weighs about 7.25 lbs (3.29 kg) and its rack-mountable design can save a lot of space. The noiseless design ensures that you dont get distracted while at the desk. The 1.25GHz ARM CPU and 128 Gbps contribute to the efficiency of this switch. When it comes to the environmental ranges, this switch features 32 to 113 F of operating temperature. The cooling capacity of this Juniper Ethernet switching system is about 25 cfm. There are 9216 bytes of jumbo frames in this switching system and the maximum number of VLAN IDs supported by this device is 4094.


Technical specifications

The Juniper EX2300-24T-TAA has 24 host ports.

1.75 inches (height)*10.2 inches (depth)* 17.5 inches (width)

The Juniper EX2300-24T-TAA has 2 GB DRAM.

7.25 lbs.

The operating temperature of the Juniper EX2300-24T-TAA is 32 to 113 F.


The EX2300-24T-TAA helps you connect video phones, video cameras, WLAN access points, telephones, and other devices.

2 GB

The cooling capacity of the Juniper EX2300-24T-TAA is up to 25 cfm.

32F to 113 F

1.25GHz ARM

95 Mpps

128 Gbps

25 cfm

9216 bytes



1.75 inches (height)*10.2 inches (depth)* 17.5 inches (width) dimensionIntegrated CPU to deliver wire-rate forwarding Inbuilt web interface Can be interconnected with three other switches Offers support for IPv6 management Supports four fixed front-panel uplink ports


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