Description:  The Juniper EX2300-24P equipped with ASIC-based Packet Forwarding Engine, MAC-based authentication, dynamic ARP inspection, IP source guard and more features, is an ideal Ethernet switch for small to medium-sized networks. To ensure AI-driven operations, the switch follows the virtual chassis technology, which is backed by the powerful Junos OS. You can connect your telephones, video phones, video cameras, WLAN access points and other devices easily with this compact and noiseless Ethernet switch.

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About EX2300-24P

The EX2300-24P from Juniper is a powerful Ethernet switch that allows you to connect your small to medium-sized network seamlessly. Designed with an ASIC-based Packet Forwarding Engine and an integrated CPU, the switch makes sure of wire-rate forwarding. The Juniper Networks technology is equipped with 802.3af Class 3 Power and 802.3at PoE+ standards, making the switch compatible with multiple devices ranging from telephones to video cameras, video phones, and WLAN access points. The main technology behind Juniper's advanced Ethernet switches such as the EX2300-24P is known as virtual chassis technology, which helps you to connect and manage your multiple devices together. To ensure security, the device comes with MAC-based authentication, 802.1X, dynamic ARP inspection, IP source guard, and other features. The switching capacity of this Ethernet switch is up to 128 Gbps. AI-driven operations are much more advanced than traditional network management, which is ensured by Juniper in this EX2300-24P switch. The powerful Junos OS can prevent lag or isolated failures of your entire system. For maximum convenience, the rack-mountable form factor of this switch is perfect while the compact 1.7 inches x 17.4 inches x 12.2 inches dimension uplifts its design further. Plus, the device is equipped with up to 2GB of memory to support a huge amount of data. All switches in the EX2300 series including this one come with a fanless design to eliminate programming noise. But, you can still incorporate hot-swappable fans and power supplies to increase the performance. The highly-durable switch can be your ultimate solution for your Ethernet network.


Technical specifications

Telephones, video phones, video cameras, WLAN access points and other devices can be connected via the Juniper EX2300-24P.

128 Gbps

The security features included in the EX2300-24P are MAC-based authentication, 802.1X, dynamic ARP inspection, IP source guard, and more.

24 Ports

The switching capacity of the EX2300-24P is 128 Gbps.

Up to 9,216 bytes

There are total 24 ports in the Juniper EX2300-24P.

AC voltage

Yes, the Juniper EX2300-24P comes with a rack-mountable design.

2 GB

12.2 inch

23 cfm


1.25GHz ARM

9.89 lb



ASIC-based Packet Forwarding Engine for wire-rate forwarding 802.3af Class 3 Power and 802.3at PoE+ standards for compatibility MAC-based authentication, 802.1X, dynamic ARP inspection, and IP source guard for security Junos OS, 128 Gbps switching capacity and 2 GB RAM for performance Fanless, rack-mountable design for better convenience


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