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Description:  Juniper srx3k-re-12-10 is a routing Engine which acts as a PowerPC platform to run the Junos operating system (Junos OS). Routing Engine, through the software processes, controls the routing protocols used on the services gateway, the services gateway interfaces, and the chassis components. It keeps the routing tables in addition to providing the interface for system management and user access to the services gateway. It manages all CFM cards through Central Packet Forwarding Engine Processing (CPP) and performs system control by managing Routing Engine arbitration and switching between multiple control planes. It also acts as the host for the Switch Fabric Board (SFB) and mid plane components. Users can load Junos OS and do file transfers through two USB ports on the Routing Engine.

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Technical specifications:

Service: GreenThe Routing Engine is operating normally.
SRX1400Slot RE0 only
Supported Transceiver 1AUX-RJ-45
SRX1400Junos OS Release 10.2 and later
Function A routing engine which acts as PowerPc platform to run the Junos OS
Service AmberThe Routing Engine is rebooting or is shutting down
SRX3400Slot RE0 only
Supported Transceiver 2USB 0 (top) and USB 1 (bottom)
SRX3400Junos OS Release 9.3 and later
Power Requirement Maximum 53W
Service: Red The Routing Engine has failed and is not operating normally
SRX3600Slot RE0 only
Supported Transceiver 3
Weight 2.9lb (1.3kg)
Service: OffOne or more of following: The services gateway is not powered on, The services gateway is still in the process of either booting or shutting down
Cold Swap?YES
Supported Transceiver 4
Max Configurable MTU
Ok/Failed: Steady GreenThe Routing Engine is the master. This LED should always be lit.
Supported Cable 1
Ok/Failed Blinking GreenThe Routing Engine is operating normally.
Supported Cable 2
Ok/Failed: RedThe Routing Engine is booting.
Console Port
Ok/Failed: OffThe Routing Engine has failed and is not operating normally.
Master: BlueThe Routing Engine hard disk drive is being accessed.
Engiine Status: Steady GreenThere is no hard disk drive activity.
Engine Status: Blinking GreenThe PFE Controller is operating normally
Engine Status Steady Red The PFE Controller is booting.
HDD: Blinking GreenThe PFE Controller has failed and is not operating normally.
HDD: Off
PFE Status: Steady Green
PFE Status: Blinking Green
PFE Status: Red
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