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Description:  In this configuration, two to four AC power supplies provide power to the system. These are located in the slots from PEM0 to PEM3. All components of the services gateway are served by each and every power supply. To meet all the requirements of the services gateway, only two power supplies are required. Full power redundancy can be achieved by installing the third of fourth power supply.

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Product Overview

Juniper’s SRX3K-PWR-AC is a power entry module (plug-in module). It comes under the subcategory power converters, splitters and accessories.  It is used in SRX-3400 and SRX-3600.



The SRX3K security gateway devices contains one main power supply and second (redundant power source) placed behind the device chassis in the respective slots. Each power source will be able to provide electricity to all the different components in the Juniper SRX3K.  In presence of two power sources simultaneously, they divide the power equally between both. The two power supplies provide full redundancy. In case of failure of one of the power source, the redundant power supply takes over and continues to distribute the power equally among the different components. The service gateway resends the power required to support its configuration and problems if the available power is not sufficient.

Power and Weight

The AC Power Requirements for Routing Engine is 53W, SPC is 118W, NPC is 64W, SCM is 35W, NP-IOC is 52W, IOC (min) is 40W, IOC (max) is 52W.

The AC Power Requirements at 85% Power Supply Efficiency  for Routing Engine is 62W, SPC is 139W, NPC is 75W, SCM is 41W, NP-IOC is 61W, IOC(min) is 47W, IOC(max) is 61W.


LED Indications

Each AC Power Supply has a single LED light.

If Green colour is steady, AC input voltage is present and output is healthy with 3.3V standby and main 12V. If green colour is blinking AC input voltage is present with output 3.3V standby but no main 12V output.

If Amber colour is steady, Power supply fan is failed and overheated with over current or under voltage condition on the standby 3.3V output. If Amber is blinking power supply is under-voltage condition on 12V output and over-voltage condition on the 12V output and over-current on the 12V output.


Supported Slots and Controls

There are two rear slots available on the bottom left of the chassis to fix the AC power supplies.



For guidance on the AC power supply installation on the switch, Please refer to the link from the official installation guide by Juniper. The link is mentioned below for reference. The installation guide focuses on preventing damage due to electrostatic discharge and the safety guidelines to follow before attempting to perform the AC power part installation.


Price and Warranty

The Juniper’s SRX3K-PWR-AC can be purchased a very low price compared to the market price. The price could be as low as 50% less compared to the manufacturer’s rate on most of the parts. The warranty for the remanufactured or sold products is usually set to 1 year.

Technical specifications:

Service: Green
Supported Transceiver 1
Function AC power source for the system
Service Amber
Supported Transceiver 2
Power Requirement
Service: Red
Supported Transceiver 3
Service: Off
Cold Swap?
Supported Transceiver 4
Max Configurable MTU
Ok/Failed: Steady Green
Supported Cable 1
Ok/Failed Blinking Green
Supported Cable 2
Ok/Failed: Red
Console Port
Ok/Failed: Off
Master: Blue
Engiine Status: Steady Green
Engine Status: Blinking Green
Engine Status Steady Red
HDD: Blinking Green
HDD: Off
PFE Status: Steady Green
PFE Status: Blinking Green
PFE Status: Red
Revision Part #

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