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Description:  Network Processing Card juniper SRX3K-NPC acts as a bridge between IOC and SPC. It receives inbound traffic from the IOCs and directs it to the appropriate Service processing card SPC for services processing. When the service processing is complete, it performs the same function in reverse. It receives the outbound bound traffic from the SPC(s) and directs it to the appropriate IOC. In addition, it buffers the incoming traffic and queues outgoing traffic. It also serves advanced traffic management functions like DoS/DDoS protective measures. Stopping receiving traffic from a particular IP address, thus protecting from ICMP, UDP, and TCP SYN flooding and buffer bursty traffic to protect the SPC are also sections of srx3k-npc performance.

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Product Overview

Juniper’s SRX3K Services Gateway is a carrier grade network security appliance. The SRX3K-NPC (Network Processing Card) is used in SRX3600 and SRX3400 firewalls. The NPC card is used to protect the network against DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and provides superior traffic management capabilities by queueing the inbound and outbound traffic.



The network processing card receives the traffic from the inbound direction from the Input/Output interface cards (IOCs) and checks for any QoS (Quality of Service) or ACLs (Access Control Lists) configured for the incoming packets then, passing it to the correct SPC (Service Processing Card). The NPC also queues the traffic in the outbound direction from the SPC and sends it out through the output interface card.

The NPC can also be used as a buffer before the traffic is received or transmitted from the SRX3K appliance. The NPC can be used for better control over the traffic and it can be used against various kinds of Denial of Service attacks. The NPC can be configured to drop packets coming from specific IP address or block packets from specific TCP/UDP ports, ICMP packets or against SYN floods.


Power and Weight

The NPC for SRX3K Services gateway requires a maximum of 64 Watts of power.

The total weight of the product is 2.2 lbs. or 1 kilogram.

The serial number of the NPC should be located on the device.


LED Indications

There are 2 LED indications on the device.

One of them is the Service LED which is dual colored. Here, Green light indicates that NPC is working as expected and the traffic is carried from the input/output cards. Amber light indicated that all traffic in through the NPC is being dropped as a result of an SPC (Service Processing Card) not available or unreachable inside the device. If the light is off, it indicated that NPC is not working/carrying traffic.

The other LED is called OK/FAIL LED indicator. Here, a steady Green light indicated that NPC is working fine. Blinking green light indicated that NPC is waiting to undergo a hot-swap in the device. Red color indicates that NPC has failed to work and if the light is off, it indicates that power is turned off.


Supported Slots and Controls

The SRX 3400 supports 2 NPCs on the slots 5, 6 and 7 of the rear end module. The SRX3600 supports 3 NPCs on the 10, 11 and 12 rear end slots of the services gateway module.

The ONLINE button is one of the controls on the NPC’s front panel. This button is not set up to perform any specific functions.



The SRX3K - NPCs are only cold swappable and requires the entire SRX3K equipment to be powered down for removing, adding or replacing the cards. The detailed steps for installing the NPC to the SRX Module has been described in the Configuration guide released by the Vendor, Juniper. The link can be found below.

The SRX3K NPC can be bought even at up to 50% from the market price, defined by the manufacturer.

Technical specifications:

Service: GreenThe NPC is mapped to an IOC and is actively carrying traffic
SRX1400Front slot labeled 3 when installed in conjunction with an SPC installed in slot 1.
Supported Transceiver 1
SRX1400Junos OS Release 9.3 and later
Function A Network Processing Card which acts as a bridge between IOC and SPC
Service AmberThe NPC is mapped to a IOC, but there is no SPC present or reachable in the system so all traffic is dropped.
SRX3400Rear slots labeled 5 through 7
Supported Transceiver 2
SRX3400Junos OS Release 9.3 and later
Power Requirement Maximum 64W
Service: Red The NPC is not carrying traffic
SRX3600Rear slots labeled 10 through 12.
Supported Transceiver 3
SRX3600Junos OS Release 9.3 and later
Weight 2.2 lb (1.0 kg)
Service: OffThe NPC is operating normally.
Cold Swap?Yes
Supported Transceiver 4
Max Configurable MTU
Ok/Failed: Steady GreenThe NPC is preparing for hot-swap event.
Supported Cable 1
Ok/Failed Blinking GreenThe NPC has failed and is not operating normally.
Supported Cable 2
Ok/Failed: RedThe NPC is powered down
Console Port
Ok/Failed: Off
Master: Blue
Engiine Status: Steady Green
Engine Status: Blinking Green
Engine Status Steady Red
HDD: Blinking Green
HDD: Off
PFE Status: Steady Green
PFE Status: Blinking Green
PFE Status: Red
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