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Description:  The Juniper srx3k-crm Clustering Module or SCM is a card to run the dual control link feature for chassis cluster. It can be installed in the SRX3400 and SRX3600 Service Gateways. The software configuration the services gateway must be running to use the SCM is supposed to be Junos OS Release 10.2 or later or else the service gateway will not be able to recognize the card. The SCM is supposed to be installed in the RE1 slot which is located on the rear panel of the services gateway.

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Product Overview

SRX3K-CRM is used in SRX3K Juniper security appliance which is is a set of service gateways with security, routing, switching and WAN interfaces. The CRM systems is used to enable dual control link for chassis cluster used in Junos OS Release 10.2 and later. When running in older Junos OS, the services gateway does not properly recognize it



The SRX Clustering Module (SCM) is a card that you can install in service gateways to enable redundant control links in high availability clusters. It is a behavior of request system halt installed in SRX-3400 and SRX-3600 devices.  The presence of CRM can be found by the output of chassis hardware. When a CRM is placed in SRX-3400 or SSX-3600 device, the SRX detects the CRM as a new routing engine then gives an option for the system halt with both routing engines. This is because of the initially the SRX was designed to have the dual routing engines but it is not supported so the system halt command without both routing engines used as there is no RE in the CRM.


Weight & Power

SRX3K CRM uses a maximum power of 35 Watts and it has a weight of 0.9 kilogram or 2.0 lbs.

The serial number label is placed on the right side of the device.


LED Indications

There is one LED indication on the device.

There is one bicolor service LED. Here, the steady green light shows the services gateway is configured for chassis clustering and the SCM is operating normally. Then Blinking green indicates SCM is ready to go online or offline. Red indicates SCM has failed and not normally operating. Then to indicate the services are off by the following conditions when it is not powered on or it is still is the process of either booting or shutting down or it is not configured properly for chassis clustering.


Supported Slots and Controls

The SRX 3400 has a SCM's on the slot RE1 alone. The SRX3600 supports SCM"s on the slot RE1 only.

The SCM’s front panel has an ONLINE button as one of its controls, but it does not serve any specific purpose.



The module SRX3K CRM needs to be swapped only when the Service gateway equipment is completely powered down. They are cold swappable modules. The Juniper’s installation guide includes all details of setting up the CRM module, the link is mentioned below.

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