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Description:  This I/O Card provides network processing via its own unique Networking Processing Unit (NPU). This enables traffic travelling through the NP-IOC to avoidtravelling to a remote NPC through the service gateway. This card functions as a SFP+ IOC 2-Port Ethernet for the following gateways: SRX1400, SRX3600 and SRX3400. The card has a power requirement of 52 W and a weight of 2.4 Ib with a max MTU of 9192 bytes.

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Product overview

The Juniper SRX1K3K-NP-2XGE-SFPP is a fast-performing gateway services card which delivers additional physical network connections and manages traffic through their own Network Processing Units (NPUs). As they are designed to provide processing power to integrate services such as IPsec, IPD and Firewalls, each session is based on a predefined set of policies. Including fast packet processing and intelligent distribution of traffic, the Juniper SRX1K3K-NP-2XGE-SFPP services processing card is engineered to deliver matchless network management benefits.


The SRX1K3K-NP-2XGE-SFPP receives information from different physical interfaces in the IOCs which is then passed through the Switch Fabric Board (SFB). Having a capacity of 30 Gbps, the product works in full duplex and features five rack units combined with nine service gateways. Furthermore, the services gateway card also features one slot for SRX Clustering Module (SCM) and four power supply slots.


To configure the device properly, users are recommended to operate the services gateway only with the Junos operating system (Junos OS). The packaging includes three copies of the software which is available on a CompactFlash card, Hard Disk and on a USB flash drive separately as each of them can be used through Routing Engine slots.

Cables and connectors

To connect the console port on the Routing Engine with a management console, RS-232 (EIA-232) serial cable is required which must have a minimum length of 1.83 meters.

Supported Slots:

For the SRX1K3K-NP-2XGE-SFPP gateway services card, front slot labeled two is supported in the SRX1400. Furthermore, the front slots labeled with 1-4 and rear slots labeled with 5-7 are configurable via SRX3400. Lastly, the SRX3600 is designed to support front slots labeled along with the rear slots labeled 7-12.

Swapping and Controls

The SRX1K3K-NP-2XGE-SFPP gateway services card only support cold swapping for which the users are advised to completely power-off the device before removing, replacing or adding any further NP-IOCs.


For the service LED, one bicolor there are three various lights status which can be used to determined gateway service card status. When the light is off, the system is administratively disabled or powered off whereas the Green light shows the card is available to carry Ethernet traffic. Amber light shows the gateway service is not ready to carry Ethernet traffic.

The OK/FAIL LED, one bicolor also represents gateway service card status through multiple light colors. When there is no light visible, the services gateway is not powered on or is not configured to operate properly. Moreover, the steady green light indicates that the services gateway is configured for chassis clustering along with the normal SCM operation. The blinking green lights indicates the device is offline whereas the red light is shown upon operation failure.

Additional Information

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