The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1S29999SY9HHHH Ethernet Rail Switch is an industrial Ethernet networking device designed by Hirschmann. The maximum operating voltage range of the module is 9.6 Volts DC to 32 Volts DC. It has an IP 30 protection rating, dimensions of 45 x 110 x 88 millimeters, and a weight of 210 grams.

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About SPIDER-SL-20-06T1S29999SY9HHHH

The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1S29999SY9HHHH Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch belongs to the SPIDER III family of switches and other products designed by Hirschmann. It employs a plug-and-play principle for easy installation, and because it is an unmanaged switch, it does not need to be configured before being used in standard applications. Some of the main features of this module include a compact design, different types of ports for connections, easy-to-use software tools, and a highly durable structure. It is built to withstand operation in extreme industrial environments. The power consumption rating of the module is 2.8 Watts. It is specifically designed to meet a variety of industry approvals and standards. The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch is grounded by a 3-pin terminal block for providing the required safety ratings. It can work without a fan as long as proper heat dissipation and air-cooling are provided and maintained.


The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch can operate in the standard ambient operating temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and in the extended operating temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. It is suitable to use in applications that need to transmit large volumes of data at high speed. It meets an energy-efficient Ethernet standard for regulating and saving energy depending on the network traffic. It can be used in industries that require adherence to specific criteria and standards. The non-condensing relative humidity range of the SPIDER-SL-20-06T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch is 10% to 95%. It uses twisted-pair cables to connect end devices such as field Ethernet devices, sensors, and actuators. It has a rail lock gate for DIN Rail mounting. Its Ethernet ports support auto-negotiation, auto polarity, and auto crossing. This module is rated low power consumption to reduce overall lifecycle costs without compromising the network's quality or reliability.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Ethernet Rail Switch

12/24 Volts DC (9.6 to 32 Volts DC maximum)

120 milliamps

2.8 Watts

1 plug-in 3-pin terminal block

DIN Rail

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

45 x 110 x 88 millimeters

210 grams

IP 30


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