The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch belongs to the SPIDER III family of products designed by Hirschmann. It features 8 ports, 1 plug-in terminal block, and 3.8 Watts of rated power consumption. The weight of the module is 230 grams.

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About SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH

The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch is an industrial Ethernet networking device that has been designed by Hirschmann. It can fulfill all the communication requirements for efficient and reliable communication between Ethernet-based field devices such as sensors and actuators. The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch features a cost-effective design, easy-to-customize software tools, different ports, and a highly rugged structure. It is an economical solution for high-speed communication in a range of industrial Ethernet-based networking applications. It is specifically designed to transmit a large amount of data across a long distance to other devices from the Spider II family of Ethernet switches. It ensures a fast startup process and easy DIN Rail mounting with its plug-and-play features. The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch supports both wall mounting and DIN Rail mounting. 


The SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch should be mounted with a mounting plate when using the wall mounting option. It offers robust, cost-effective, and reliable data transferring facilities in a variety of applications. It is simple to integrate into preexisting and complex Ethernet networks. The supply voltage source is connected to it via a 3-pin terminal block. Its Ethernet ports support the 1000 Mbits per second-rated full-duplex and half-duplex communication modes as well as the 10 Mbits per second-rated full and half-duplex modes. The dimensions of the SPIDER-SL-20-06T1M2M299SY9HHHH module are 45 x 110 x 88 millimeters. Its approximate weight is 230 grams. It has a compact and space-saving design to ensure easy installation in cabinets. Its standard maintenance procedure is relatively easy and this switch is designed to maximize uptime. It is recommended to follow the DIN EN 60715 guidelines before mounting the module on a 35-millimeter DIN Rail. The device should be mounted horizontally on the rail using the snap-in guide. This switch module is one of the best solutions available for the OEM machine manufacturing industry.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Ethernet Rail Switch


12/24 Volts DC (9.6 to 32 Volts DC maximum)

160 milliamps

3.8 Watts

1 plug-in 3-pin terminal block

DIN Rail

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

45 x 110 x 88 millimeters

230 grams

IP 30


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