The SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH Ethernet Rail Switch is an unmanaged industrial Ethernet rail switch made by Hirschmann. It has 5 ports, 9.6 to 32 Volts DC of maximum operating voltage, and RJ45 connectors. The housing material of the module is plastic.

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About SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH

The SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch is an industrial Ethernet rail switch that has been designed by Hirschmann. It is intended for delivering reliable communication in even the harshest industrial environments. It is equipped with fast fiber communication options to achieve high data throughput. The SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch provides the facilities to transmit a large volume of data quickly. It is equipped with a very compact IP 30 rated plastic enclosure for protection. It ensures increased performance while reducing enclosure sizes and costs. It makes it possible to include network devices in a star or line topology. The SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch helps to establish field level applications in industrial networks. Its compact and rugged design makes it suitable for harsh environments, it is an entry-level unmanaged switch that is easy to use and easy to upgrade, and it has a low power consumption.        


The SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH Unmanaged Rail Switch comes with a fanless design and fast-Ethernet facilities. It requires 12/24 Volts DC of operating voltage. The users can connect multiple devices easily without a complex configuration process. Some of the module's main benefits include transmitting a large volume of data easily, a simple installation process, a cost-effective design, and field-level industrial network support. It comes with all the required accessories for wall mounting and DIN Rail mounting. The power supply of the SPIDER-SL-20-05T1999999TY9HHHH Switch has a 3-pin plug-in terminal block with spring clamps. It also has 3 diagnostic LEDs for the power, link, and data status updates. This easy-to-install line switch helps to maximize network availability. It is designed to work with extra-low voltage levels. It helps expand communication capabilities over a large area in an industrial setting and to maintain reliable communication. It is equipped with proven Hirschmann technology to ensure reliable operation.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Ethernet Rail Switch



9.6 to 32 Volts DC

1 plug-in 3-pin terminal block

DIN Rail

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius


IP 30


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