The SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch is a standard rail switch designed by Hirschmann. It has 12/24 Volts DC of rated operating voltage, 100 milliamps of rated current consumption, and 2.4 Watts of rated power consumption. The dimensions of the module are 26 x 102 x 79 millimeters, and its weight is 120 grams.

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About SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH

The SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch is a cost-effective and compact DIN Rail switch that has been manufactured by Hirschmann. It has 4 twisted-pair RJ45 ports and it has 8 communication ports in total. It ensures reliable operation in extreme industrial conditions. Its low power consumption reduces the overall lifecycle cost of the unit and its host system. The SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch uses twisted pair cables or optical fiber cables to connect Ethernet devices to its ports. Its diagnostic unit performs a self-test after power has been applied to the module to identify any issues. The diagnostics LEDs of the module indicate the status of the module and the status of all the ports. This switch uses fast Ethernet, fiber optic, or Gigabit ports. The SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch can be used in different applications in the manufacturing industry.     


The Hirschmann SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switch has standard line fast Ethernet ports for reliable communication. It also has a single-mode, Type 1 fiber port with 100 Mbits per second of maximum rated communication speed. It can be installed easily without using any special tools. Its terminal block has standard screw clamp-type terminals. The 3-pin terminal block is used to connect the power supply. The standard certifications of the SPIDER-SL-20-04T1S29999SY9HHHH Switch include the CE, FCC, cUL, and EN61131/60950 certifications. The users can customize the ports easily by using standalone software tools. The current consumption rating of the module is 100 milliamps, and the power consumption rating is 2.4 Watts. It can operate in temperature ranges of either -40 to 70 degrees Celsius for harsh environments or 0 to 60 degrees Celsius for standard environments. The mechanical construction of the module includes dimensions of 26 x 102 x 79 millimeters and it weighs 120 grams.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Ethernet Rail Switch


12/24 Volts DC

100 milliamps

2.4 Watts

1 plug-in 3-pin terminal block

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

26 x 102 x 79 millimeters

120 grams

IP 30


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