The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch is an unmanaged Ethernet network switch. It mounts on a DIN Rail. The SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch can be deployed without any configuration.

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About SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH

The SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch is an unmanaged industrial Ethernet network switch. It is designed by Hirschmann for the reliable transmission of network data. The SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH unmanaged network switch can be deployed without any configuration. The switch’s MTBF is 908,230 hours. The SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch is designed for extended operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. Faults can be diagnosed through LED indicators which are provided for the power and link status. Additionally, each network port has LED indicators for the data and data rates. The switch has eight 10/100/1000 BASE-T network ports with RJ-45 interfaces. These ports can be used with twisted pair network cables. All of the switch ports support auto-negotiation and auto crossing and auto polarity. An integrated USB port on the SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch can be used for configuration.


The accessories which are available for order with the Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH unmanaged Ethernet switch include a rail power supply and a wall mounting plate for DIN Rail mounting. The standard switch shipment contains the switch itself, a terminal block, and safety instructions. The technicians involved in the switch’s installation and operation should read the safety instructions carefully. The SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch is approved by the CE, FCC, and EN61131 standards. The approximate weight of the switch is 450 grams and its dimensions are 49 x 135 x 117 millimeters. The SPIDER-PL-40-08T1999999TZ9HHHH switch operates on DC power and it has dual power inputs for redundant operation. It draws a maximum of 250 milliamps of current and consumes 6 Watts of power. The heat dissipated during operation is 20.4 BTU per hour. Any malfunctioning switch should be powered off and serviced immediately.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Network Switch


DIN Rail

450 grams

12/24 Volts DC

49 x 135 x 117 millimeters

-40 to 70 degress Celsius

Eight 10/100/1000 BASE-TX

250 milliamps



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