The SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH switch is a Hirschmann network switch. It is also an unmanaged switch. The SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH switch has 5 network ports.

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About SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH

The SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH switch is a 5-port unmanaged Ethernet switch. It is designed by Hirschmann, a Belden company, for industrial applications. The improper usage of the device can cause equipment damage or injury to the users. The proper and safe operation of the switch is dependent on proper handling during transportation and storage. Therefore, only qualified technicians should work on the device. The product’s instruction manual should be read before any connections or adjustments are made to the SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH switch. The switch does not contain any serviceable components. Therefore, any damaged or malfunctioning switches should be powered off and either returned to the manufacturer for repairs or completely replaced. All of the recommended ambient guidelines should be followed during the operation of the switch. These include a -40 to 70 degrees Celsius operating temperature range and a 10 to 95% non-condensing relative humidity range.


During storage and transportation, the Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH unmanaged Ethernet switch should be protected from dangerous vibrations. The required ambient temperature range for storage is -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. The SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH switch weighs 440 grams and measures 39 x 135 x 117 millimeters. It is an unmanaged switch with 5 10/100/1000 BASE-T ports with RJ-45 interfaces. The switch ports can be connected to twisted pair network cables. The maximum length of the network cable which can be used is 100 meters or 328 feet. The SPIDER-PL-40-05T1999999TY9HHHH switch comes with no fan and with an enclosure that has an IP 40 environmental protection rating. It supports redundant DC input ranging from 9.6 to 32 Volts DC. The maximum current consumed by the switch during operation is 180 milliamps. The appropriate amount of space should be provided around the DIN Rail-mounted switch to facilitate convection cooling.


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