The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch is a DIN Rail-mounted Ethernet network switch. This Hirschmann switch was designed to provide a cost-effective network solution to a wide range of industrial automation applications. This industrial Ethernet switch has twenty-four 10/100 BASE-TX RJ-45 Ethernet ports, 2 10/100 Mbps SFP ports, and an operating voltage range of 9.6 to 60 Volts DC.

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About SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV

The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Industrial Ethernet Switch is a DIN Rail-mounted Ethernet switch with fast Ethernet ports for the store and switching modes. This switch belongs to the Hirschmann SPIDER III premium line of Ethernet switches which are designed to provide low-cost, unmanaged switch solutions with a long list of customizable functionalities that are made to meet the demands of small network or field-level network applications. The SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Switch features a rugged and compact metal housing (IP4 0) for operational and long-term reliability in a harsh industrial environment. It has a conformal coating that protects it against humidity, dust, and noxious gases. The SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Switch is notable for its ease of use because its configuration and installation can be done without any special tools or training. It also offers quick and easy installation via a 6-pin plug-in terminal block input and an alarm relay output. 


The SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Switch also offers a greater degree of customization of functions than other switches via the use of a USB configuration interface and simple Windows-based programming software. This software allows the users to customize a wide variety of features that extend the network uptime and enhance security. The SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Switch also features a redundant 24 Volts power supply to improve network uptime. It supports a Safety Extra Low Voltage or SELV power supply with an acceptable operating voltage range between 9.6 and 60 Volts DC (18 to 30 Volts AC) and a maximum switching current of 1 Amp. The SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Switch has 24 standard fast 10/100 Mbps ports that support auto-polarity/negotiation/crossing. These ports all have copper RJ-45 sockets and they can be configured for 10/100 Mbps full or half-duplex modes. The SPIDER-PL-20-24T1Z6Z699TY9HHHV Switch also has 2 high-speed FE (100 Mbps) SFP fiber-optic ports that support single-mode or multimode configuration.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Premium Line Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch

9.6 to 60 Volts DC (18 to 30 Volts AC)

Twenty-four 10/100 BASE-TX RJ-45 Ports and 2 SFP (100 Mbps) Ports

DIN Rail

IP 40

-40 to 70 Degrees Celsius

1140 Grams

94 x 163.5 x 114.7 Millimeters

CE and FCC

6-Pin Plug-In Terminal Block


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Common misspellings: