The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-08T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged switch is an industrial rail switch. It is manufactured in a compact size. The voltage rating of this unmanaged switch is 12/24 Volts DC.

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About SPIDER-PL-20-08T1M29999TY9HHHH

The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged switch is a Hirschmann Spider III series Ethernet unmanaged switch for modern industries. It is a cost-effective switch solution that can easily meet different application demands. It helps to transmit a large amount of data across any distance to other devices within the Spider III family. It comes with 9 ports with a voltage rating of 12/24 Volts DC. It is powered with a current rating of 200 milliamps maximum. Each of the ports has an LED indicator that shows the port’s running status. By using this rail switch, the operators can easily configure different network parameters. It allows for a quick startup without using any terminal blocks. The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1M29999TY9HHHH switch can be easily configured by using PC software. The rail switch is equipped with a USB port along with the Ethernet ports. It meets all the required industry standards and approvals for global usage.


The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-08T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged switch consumes a total of 5 Watts power and dissipates 15.9 BTU per hour of heat during operation. This rail switch has a small form factor and it can be installed even in small spaces. It is 56 millimeters in width, 135 millimeters in height, and 117 millimeters in depth. The environmental temperature should be set between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius for normal operation. The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1M29999TY9HHHH switch can be easily mounted with a DIN Rail mounting base. The rail switch is housed inside a IP 40 rated metal enclosure. It offers EMC interference immunity with 4 kV of rated contact discharge and 8 kV of rated air discharge, and transients ratings that include 2 kV of power line transients, and 4 kV of data line transients. The rail switch should never be exposed to a source of significant heat generation during operation.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Rail Switch

12/24 Volts DC


200 Milliamps

5 Watts

15.9 BTU per Hour

DIN Rail

-40-70 degrees Celsius


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