The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH Switch is a rail switch. This rail switch is an unmanaged type of switch that does not need to be monitored constantly. It has a voltage rating of 12/24 Volts DC.

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About SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH

The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH Switch is a lightweight Hirschmann-manufactured unmanaged rail switch. It is a Spider III premium series switch and it is an industrial Ethernet rail switch. It is powered with a voltage rating of 12/24 Volts DC. It has a current consumption rating of 100 milliamps maximum. It consumes a total of 2.6 Watts of power with 8.8 BTU per hour of heat dissipation. This switch variant has a fanless design and it comes with the store and forward switching modes. The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH Rail Switch supports an Ethernet speed of 10/100 Mbits. It can meet different industrial application demands. This unmanaged rail switch is easy to start up by using the plug-in terminal block. It comes with several top-of-the-line features for improved network uptime and security and increased efficiency. 


The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH Unmanaged Switch can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments, and it is equipped with a protective coating and an IP 40 rated metal enclosure. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. This switch should not be exposed to high heat. The operating temperature should range between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius. The rail switch is certified with multiple industry standards and approvals. The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH Switch comes with an RJ 45 port for connections. It comes with 9.6 to 32 Volts DC power inputs. It is equipped with an alarm relay output and a USB port for configurations. The rail switch can be mounted easily by using a DIN Rail. The SPIDER-PL-20-08T1999999TY9HHHH Switch is equipped with different configurable parameters including QOS mapping, auto crossing, FX port settings, and auto negotiation. The front side of the rail switch has LED diagnostics indicators for power, link status, data, and data rate updates.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Rail Switch

Spider III

12/24 Volts DC

100 milliamps

2.6 Watts

8.8 BTU per Hour

IP 40

DIN Rail

-40-70 degrees Celsius


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