Hirschmann manufactures the SPIDER-PL-20-04T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged Ethernet switch as part of the SPIDER III series. It is an unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch and it is in the IP 40 protection class. It operates on DC voltage at 12 to 24 Volts DC.

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About SPIDER-PL-20-04T1M29999TY9HHHH

The SPIDER-PL-20-04T1M29999TY9HHHH switch is an unmanaged industrial ETHERNET rail switch that has been manufactured by Hirschmann and Belden. It belongs to the Hirschmann SPIDER III unmanaged switches product line and it features a fanless design. This switch has the forward and store switching mode functionality. This Ethernet switch also comes with four 10/100Base-TX ports and one 100Base-FX port that uses a multimode cable as well as SC sockets. The SPIDER-PL-20-04T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged switch also has the auto-crossing, auto-polarity, and auto-negotiation functionalities. This unmanaged switch comes with 2 different interfaces, including one 6-pin plug-in terminal block interface and one USB interface that is designed for configuration. It can also use 100-meter twisted pair (TP) cables as well as multimode fiber cables. This switch operates with 12 to 24 Volts DC voltage and it supports 9.6 to 32 Volts DC redundant voltage. It features a current consumption rating of 180 milliamps maximum at 24 Volts DC. The maximum power consumption of this unit is 4.3 Watts and its heat dissipation rating is 14.7 BTU per hour.


The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-04T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged Ethernet switch has an operational temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, which is one of the widest available operating temperature ranges in the series. It also has a storage or transportation temperature range from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. The Hirschmann SPIDER-PL-20-04T1M29999TY9HHHH unmanaged Ethernet switch can tolerate a relative humidity range of 0 to 95 percent without condensation in both operation and storage. The approximate dimensions of this device are 39 x 135 x 117 millimeters without the terminal block and it has a weight of about 430 grams. It supports mounting on DIN Rail and the IP 40 protection rating with a metallic enclosure. Other specifications of this unit are an electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity rating of 4 kilovolts for contact discharge, and 8 kilovolts for air discharge, along with power line surge voltage ratings of 2 kilovolts for the line/earth, 1 kilovolt for the data line, and 1 kilovolt for the line/line.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Ethernet Switch


SPIDER III Premium Line

IP 40


15 g

12/24V DC (9.6 to 32V DC)

180 mA

4.3 W of power, 14.7 BTU per Hour of Heat Dissipation


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