The Hirschmann Automation RS20-1600S2T1SDAU fast Ethernet switch comes with a ring redundancy feature that helps the equipment start-up faster when there has been a power failure. The switch operates with redundant voltages and comes enclosed in an IP 20 rated enclosure. This switch also comes with 16 ports.

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About RS20-1600S2T1SDAU

The RS20-1600S2T1SDAU switch is a fast Ethernet switch that has been designed to provide connection to different equipment by working with different cable lengths and mechanisms. This switch has been designed by Hirschmann Automation and included in the Unmanaged Switches series of basic switches and other devices. This switch operates with a redundant voltage and it comes with a ring redundancy that allows the network to be reconfigured quickly after an electrical failure. The Hirschmann Automation RS20-1600S2T1SDAU fast Ethernet switch operates with single-mode fiber media and it can reach equipment up to 32.5 kilometers away as long as it is being used with a 16 dB link budget at 1300 nm. It is recommended to have a technician perform the calculation of the maximum communication distance that will be supported.


The Hirschmann Automation RS20-1600S2T1SDAU unmanaged fast Ethernet switch operates with a redundant voltage that can be either DC or AC and which is transmitted to the switch via a terminal block that is meant to be mounted along with the switch. As far as the installation is concerned, the Hirschmann Automation RS20-1600S2T1SDAU fast Ethernet switch needs to be snapped onto a DIN Rail so it is properly mounted in the system that it is part of. This switch can be managed through different software such as a Discovery Web Browser, Industrial HiVision Software, through Explorer Software, or a V.24 Interface that is locally placed on the device. This switch promises reliable and flexible operations with the ability to operate in harsh environments. It comes with an enclosure that provides protection against solid particles and it can be used in an environment with a temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius without any problems.


Technical specifications


Unmanaged Switches


Rail Switch



Twisted Pair, Single-Mode Fiber

12-48V DC

18-30V AC

DIN Rail

IP 20


27.8 Years


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Common misspellings: