The MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P rack mount switch is a Gigabit Ethernet switch manufactured by Hirschmann. It has a voltage rating of 44 to 57 Volts DC. This switch consumes a total of 30 Watts of power during operation.

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About MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P

The MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P rack mount switch is a Hirschmann-manufactured managed type of Gigabit Ethernet switch with 20 Ethernet ports. This 19-inch switch is powered with PoEP and an external PSU unit. It is powered with a voltage rating of 44 to 57 Volts DC (minimum 52 Volts DC with PoE plus). It has a total power consumption rating of 30 Watts and it dissipates 119 BTU per hour as heat with normal operation. The switch can work with both line and star topologies. The switch can be part of a ring structure with up to 50 total switches and it has a reconfiguration time of 0.3 seconds. The MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P switch has redundancy functions like the Hiper ring, MRP, MSTP, and link aggregation protocols. The front side of the switch has a 2-pin terminal block for the power supply and signaling contact. The contacts can be adjusted manually or automatically. A V.24 interface is present on the front of the switch for the RJ 11 socket and it is used to connect interfaces for device configuration.


The Hirschmann MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P rack mount Gigabit Ethernet switch has a fanless design and it features the store and forward switching modes. It is IPv6 ready and it can be used for indoor applications only. The MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P switch has 16 GE TX ports and 4 GE SFP slots. It can be managed with a software that is made for configuration and programming. The switch supports both single mode and multimode fiber cables for connections. It uses a twisted pair cable with the TX ports for a communication distance between 0 and 100 meters. The MACH104-16TX-PoEP-R-L3P switch is feature rich and easy to use and it comes with different diagnosis and security features. Some of these features include the management address conflict, signal device status indication, copper cable test, and configuration check dialog features


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches


Gigabit Ethernet Switch



30 Watts

119 BTU per Hour


Twisted Pair

0-100 meters


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