The product code M4-POWERCABLE is used for a spare power cable manufactured by Hirschmann/Belden. The cable is 1 meter (3.2 feet) long and it serves as a power cable between the M4-POWER chassis and the MACH 4002 basic device. The cable has an operating voltage rating of 48 Volts DC and it has a plug-in design.

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The catalog number M4-POWERCABLE is an order reference for a spare part that is available for the professional industrial systems manufactured by Hirshmann. It is an industrial power cable which can be ordered as a spare part. This particular cable provides a power connection between an M4-POWER chassis and a MACH 4002 basic device. The Hirschmann/Belden company provides a wide range of spare parts for industrial Ethernet and wireless solutions which cannot be matched by other manufacturers. These products offer increased flexibility, simple plug-in installation, high levels of reliability, and high efficiency. These components can be used for sensitive loads in tough operating conditions and in environments where only the most durable parts can be used. The Hirschmann parts like the M4-POWERCABLE power cable are tested for operation in any industrial setting and they are built in accordance with all the relevant standards.   


The Hirschmann M4-POWERCABLE power cable has a length of 1 meter (3.2 feet) and it features a plug-in design. The M4-POWERCABLE cable has an operating voltage rating of 48 Volts and it is made to be used on only DC power sources. It should be mentioned that the scope of delivery includes only cable. The outlets or connectors of the cable include an angled socket on one end and an angled connector on the other end. For different kinds of applications, the manufacturer provides a different version of this cable with a straight socket and connector. Besides the M4-POWERCABLE 1-meter power cable, there are also power cords available in lengths of 1.5 to 2.5 meters (5 to 8.2 feet). The manufacturer offers a variety of other accessories and components such as power supplies, SFP and XFP transceivers, PeE injectors, auto-configuration adapters, terminal cables, connectors, and different mounting accessories for maintenance and for custom applications.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches


Spare Power Cable

M4-POWER Chassis and MACH 4002 Basic Device

1 meter (3.2 feet)


48 Volts

Plug-in Device

Socket, Angled

Connector, Angled

Power Cable

Revision Number: 0.62 / Revision date: 03-11-2021


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