The Hirschmann M4-AIR fan module is a plug-in fan module for the MACH4000 switches that do not have temperature sensors. It is part of the Hirschmann rack mount switches series. This fan module has 4 fans and it can handle ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

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About M4-AIR

The M4-AIR module is a plug-in fan module that has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann and Belden as part of the rack mount switches product line. The M4-AIR plug-in fan module is meant to be installed with a Hirschmann MACH4000 rack mount switch in an industrial Ethernet network and it is used to cool the switch down while it operates to prevent overheating. It is installed on the left side of the MACH4000 switch on the front part of the switch’s chassis, and it is easy for the users to replace the M4-AIR plug-in fan module during operation. The Hirschmann MACH4000 switches should only be used with the M4-AIR fan module or the M4-AIR-L fan module, because other fan modules will not be able to connect to it securely or they will not be able to cool the switch properly.


The Hirschmann M4-AIR plug-in fan module comes with 4 fans that are all the same size and that are laid out horizontally. It is meant to be used in MACH4000 switch chassis that do not have temperature sensors, and the highest ambient temperature that it can tolerate is 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There needs to be enough ventilation around the M4-AIR plug-in fan module and its host MACH4000 switch for the air that the fans move to circulate properly, because insufficient ventilation will trigger error status updates which can cause transmission errors in the switch’s Ethernet connections, and it will cause the components and assemblies in the switch and the fan module to wear out more quickly and reduce their MTBF ratings. The M4-AIR plug-in fan module supports a fan monitoring system that reports the failure of 1 or more of its fans when failures occur.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches


Fan Module


MACH4000 Switches without Temperature Sensors


60 degrees Celsius


Left Side of the Switch Chassis Front Panel


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