M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE


The Hirschmann M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE module is a Power over Ethernet or PoE media module. It is meant to be connected to a Hirschmann Workgroup rack-mounted switch as an interface. The M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE media module has 8 PoE ports that use twisted-pair cables and have communication speeds of 10/100 M/bits per second.

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About M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE

The M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE module is a media module that has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann as part of the rack-mounted switch series. The M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE media module is meant to be installed in a Hirschmann Workgroup series switch which will act as its main device, and the media module will act as an interface for the switch that hosts it. This media module supports PoE or Power over Ethernet communication through 8 twisted pair PoE ports with RJ 45 sockets. All 8 RJ 45 ports can handle PoE speeds of 10/100 Mbits per second. Additionally, these ports support the auto-polarity and auto-negotiation functions and they are meant to connect the M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE media module and its host switch to network segments or terminal devices.


The Hirschmann M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE media module from the rack-mounted Workgroup series of switches can be used in applications where it is connected to and powers devices such as sensors, Webcams, printer servers, and IP telephones or voice over IP devices. Note that the 8 PoE ports on the M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE media module are not isolated from each other. This media module can be connected to 48 Volts DC SELV PoE voltage or to 54 Volts DC SELV PoE+ voltage for operation. For safety and to avoid severe electric shock, the users should never touch the terminals on the M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE media module or insert sharp metal objects such as screwdrivers into the media module. For additional safety and security, this media module should be installed in a switch cabinet or an operating site that has restricted access, so that only qualified maintenance technicians will have access to it.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches

M1-8TP-RJ45 PoE

Media Module



Twisted Pair Cables

10/100 M/bits per Second

32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit

48 Volts DC SELV PoE, 54 Volts DC SELV PoE+


Common misspellings:

Common misspellings:
Ml-8TP-RJ45 PoE
M1-bTP-RJ45 PoE
M1-8TP-RJ45 P0E
M1-8TP-RJ45 PoEX