The Hirschmann M1-8SM-SC module is a media module for the Hirschmann Workgroup rack mount switches. It provides the Workgroup switches with 8 single-mode fiber-optic Ethernet ports. This media module is rated for an MTBF length of approximately 72.5 years.

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About M1-8SM-SC

The M1-8SM-SC module is a media module for industrial Ethernet switches from Hirschmann Workgroup series of rack mount switches. The M1-8SM-SC media module connects to a Workgroup rack mount switch in order to function as the switch’s Ethernet interface. Some Workgroup series switches can support more than 1 media module like the M1-8SM-SC media module at a time when they are part of an extended industrial Ethernet network. This media module comes with a total of 8 Ethernet ports, and they are all 100 BASE-FX single-mode ports that use fiber-optic cables. The M1-8SM-SC media module has a power consumption rating of 10 Watts during standard operation and it dissipates about 34 BTU per hour of power in the form of heat.


The Hirschmann M1-8SM-SC media module for Workgroup rack mount switches is rated for an MTBF or mean time before failure of approximately 72.5 years as long as it is installed, used, and maintained properly. The MTBF estimation is based on operation at a steady average ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but the M1-8SM-SC media module can operate safely within a temperature range from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius or 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is not in use, the M1-8SM-SC media module can be stored or transported at a temperature between -20 and 85 degrees Celsius or -4 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The M1-8SM-SC media module is designed to withstand relative humidity levels between 10 and 95% without condensation in operation, storage, and transportation. Its environmental protection rating is IP 20, which means that its enclosure is not waterproof.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches


Media Module

Workgroup Switches



Single-mode Fiber-Optic Ports

72.5 Years

IP 20


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