The Hirschmann GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S rack mount switch is an industrial Ethernet switch. It mounts on a 19-inch rack. The GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S switch has 16 integrated FE ports.

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About GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S

The Hirschmann GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S rack mount switch is a managed switch which supports Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connectivity. It can support a total of 28 Ethernet ports. The basic unit of the GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S switch has 16 Fast Ethernet ports and 4 Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet combo ports. A media module slot on the basic switch can be used to add more ports as network design requirements change. The modules can be ordered in all copper or all fiber versions. The slots on the GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S switch can each accommodate a media module with 8 ports. The Gigabit combo ports can be used with twisted pair cables and they can also accommodate fiber SFPs. The Gigabit ports are provided for carrying the aggregate traffic to other switches in the network and they function as uplink ports.


Both Power Supply 1 and Power Supply 2 on the Hirschmann GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S rack mount switch are compatible with 110 to 250 Volts DC and 110 to 240 Volts AC voltage. The switch is approved for use in substations. The software on the switch is the HiOS layer 2 standard software. The temperature range for switch storage is -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. The temperature range for switch operation is 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. A cooling fan is not available on the switch. The relative humidity range for switch operation and storage is 5 to 95% without condensation. The GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S switch weighs 4.14 kilograms and it measures 448 x 44 x 315 millimeters. It mounts on a 19-inch rack and comes with an IP 30 protection rating. The V.24 management interface on the GRS1030-16T9SMMV9HHSE2S switch has an RJ-45 socket. One USB interface is also provided for auto configuration adapters.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches


Ethernet Switch




19-Inch Rack

16 FE Ports


448 x 44 x 315 millimeters

4.14 kilograms

IP 30


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