The Hirschmann GPS3-PSZ9HH module is a power supply module from the Greyhound line. It can be used as a standard power supply or a redundant power supply. This module has a voltage range from 48 to 54 Volts DC in PoE and PoE+ applications.

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The GPS3-PSZ9HH module is a power supply from the Hirschmann Greyhound product line of rack-mounted switches. It has been designed and manufactured to supply power to the Hirschmann Greyhound rack-mounted switches and the Hirschmann Greyhound PoE or Power over Ethernet modules. The GPS3-PSZ9HH power supply module can also power ruggedized Greyhound switches, media modules, and Greyhound switches that can handle Gigabit Ethernet. In PoE and PoE+ applications, the GPS3-PSZ9HH power supply module has a voltage range from 48 to 54 Volts DC. It weighs 750 grams and it comes with a power cord. This power supply module can tolerate 15 g of maximum operating shock for up to 11 milliseconds. The protection class of the GPS3-PSZ9HH power supply module is IP 30.


The Hirschmann Greyhound GPS3-PSZ9HH power supply module for Greyhound rack-mounted switches can operate safely in a temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, and when it is not in use, it can be stored safely at a temperature between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius. This module tolerates ambient relative humidity levels from 5 to 95% without condensation. The GPS3-PSZ9HH power supply module can be used not only to supply operating power to Greyhound rack-mounted switches, but as a redundant or backup power supply to minimize power failures, system downtime, data losses, and other errors. This module is designed to be customizable by the users and to be serviced, upgraded, or exchanged in the field. The GPS3-PSZ9HH power supply module comes with several approval ratings, including approval ratings from the CE and FCC standards.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switches


Power Supply



48 to 54 Volts DC


0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius


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