The Hirschmann D4K-AIR module is a fan module from the DRAGON series of rack mount switches and accessories. The D4K-AIR fan module comes with 5 load-sharing fans that can be used to cool down a DRAGON rack mount switch. This module supports hot swapping.

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About D4K-AIR

The D4K-AIR module is a cooling fan module. It has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann to be used with the rack mount Ethernet switches from the DRAGON series. The D4K-AIR fan module is a load-sharing fan module and it comes with 5 fans built into it. These 5 fans include 3 large fans that are laid out horizontally and 2 smaller fans that are laid out vertically. The D4K-AIR fan module supports hot-swapping, which means that it can be inserted or removed under power without suffering damage or causing damage to the host switch. This fan module draws its operating power from the host switch’s power supply which is located on the switch’s backplane, and it consumes about 20 Watts of power during normal operation.


The Hirschmann D4K-AIR load-sharing fan module for the DRAGON series rack mount Ethernet switches uses LEDs on the switch chassis to let the users see which of its 5 fans are currently operational. Although it is designed to prevent overheating in the Ethernet switch that hosts it, this fan module should not be exposed to excessive heat for a prolonged period of time or it may suffer damage and be unable to function properly, cool itself down, or cool down the switch that it is installed with. For best results, the D4K-AIR fan module and its host DRAGON Ethernet switch should only be used at an ambient temperature between 32 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and they should be stored at an ambient temperature between -40 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit. This fan module weighs only 0.75 kilograms and it is easy to plug into the switch.


Technical specifications


Rack Mount Switch


Fan Module




32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

-40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit

0.75 kilograms


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