The RSR30-0802O7O7T1SCCHPHH switch is a managed Gigabit Ethernet switch manufactured by Hirschmann. It can be mounted with a DIN Rail. It supports both single mode and multimode fiber connections.

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About RSR30-0802O7O7T1SCCHPHH

The RSR30-0802O7O7T1SCCHPHH switch is a Gigabit Ethernet switch manufactured by Hirschmann. It can be easily mounted by using a DIN Rail and it offers maximum reliability for mission-critical applications. It comes with 2 Gigabit combo ports and eight 1000 Mbps RJ 45 ports. It supports high speed Ethernet networks and both Ethernet/IP and PROFINET industry protocols and systems. The switch comes with a ton of features and includes a range of redundancy functions including the HIPER Ring, redundant coupling of HIPER rings and network segments, and the rapid spanning tree algorithm. The HIPER Ring function enables the construction of high-availability ring-shaped network structures. The RSR30-0802O7O7T1SCCHPHH switch can be configured by using a web-based management tool, command line interface, and HiVision network management software. The ambient operating temperature should be set between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius. The enclosure of the switch comes with an IP 30 protection rating.


The front side of the Hirschmann RSR30-0802O7O7T1SCCHPHH managed Gigabit Ethernet switch has both 2-pin and 3-pin terminal blocks for the power supply and contact signaling connections. A USB port to connect an auto configuration adapter is also present in the switch. There are LED indicators on this switch that show the operation status of the different ports. The switch has an operating voltage rating of 110 to 230 Volts AC with an operating frequency range of 50 to 60 Hertz. The RSR30-0802O7O7T1SCCHPHH switch has dimensions of 120 millimeters in width, 115 millimeters in depth, and 137 millimeters in height. It is compact in size and it can be easily transported. The switch has diagnostics and security features that helps it to stand out among its competitors. During installation, the main power supply should be properly disconnected. The switch should not be exposed to high levels of EMC noise and heat.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Gigabit Ethernet Switch

110/230 Volts AC

DIN Rail

IP 30

50-60 Hertz

-40 to 85 degrees Celsius




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