The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH switch is a Hirschmann RS30 rugged and compact Ethernet switch. It is designed to provide operational reliability in mission-critical applications. This switch offers 2 FE/Gigabit SFP-Combo uplink Ports, 2 FE SFP-Slots, and 8 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 standard ports.

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The Hirschmann RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Compact Open Rail Ethernet Switch is a DIN Rail-mounted open rail switch with configurable Fast and Gigabit Ethernet ports for the safe transfer of a large amount of data in harsh industrial conditions. The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch features premium electronic components for long-term reliability. It also features a robust thermal management system (with a fanless design) for a very high MTBF value. The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch offers a very compact design that allows for use in tight-space applications, such as applications in a control panel or power control cabinet. The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch also offers simplified programming, configuration, and setup processes via an integrated password-managed web interface or a USB configuration port. By using the USB port, the operators can easily save and store configuration files and device operating systems to an external flash-based device, thus significantly reducing commissioning time.


The Hirschmann RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch supports the Hirschmann HiVision multi-purpose network configuration software for the monitoring and visualization of network parameters. By using this software package, the users can easily integrate all their SNMP-supported devices (switches, PLCs, I/O modules, and HMI panels) into a single network management application for improved network availability and security. The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch comes with the HiOS switch operating system that provides the users with precise time synchronization capabilities, extensive redundancy mechanisms, and a long list of diagnostic tools. The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch also comes with the pre-loaded Layer 2 Professional (L2P) switch software that provides comprehensive management, diagnostics and filter functions, various redundancy features, security mechanisms, and real-time applications. The RSR30-0802CCZZT1SKKHPHH Switch is made for a standard operating temperature range, which is between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius, and it comes with an IP 30 ingress protection rating.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Managed Open Rail Industrial Ethernet Switch

48 to 320 Volts DC or 90 to 265 Volts AC

21 Watts




DIN Rail

2 FE/Gigabit SFP-Combo uplink Ports, 2 FE SFP-Slots, and 8 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 standard ports

3-Pin and 2-PinTerminal Blocks

0 to 60 Degrees Celsius


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Common misspellings: