The Hirschmann RSPM20-8SFP module is a media module for managed Ethernet switches. This module allows the managed switch to connect to as many as 8 external devices that use Ethernet. Its 8 ports are SFP slots that support Fast Ethernet.

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About RSPM20-8SFP

The RSPM20-8SFP module from Hirschmann is a media module that is made for Hirschmann managed switches. The RSPM20-8SFP media module is designed to be connected to a managed Ethernet switch and to provide that switch with 8 additional SFP slot ports that it can use to connect to other devices. This media module acts as an interface between the managed Ethernet switch that hosts it and the 1 to 8 devices that it connects the switch to. The RSPM20-8SFP media module can work alongside other media modules that are similar to it and that are installed in the same switch. These other media modules can be installed directly on the switch next to the RSPM20-8SFP media module to provide the switch with a large number of Ethernet connection ports.


The Hirschmann RSPM20-8SFP media module makes it easy for the Hirschmann managed Ethernet switch that hosts it to send signals. This media module can handle Fast Ethernet communication. The RSPM20-8SFP media module is certified for safe use in all non-hazardous industrial environments and in hazardous industrial environments that are classified as Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous environments as long as the module is installed properly and used properly. The users should not attempt to make unauthorized modifications to the RSPM20-8SFP media module or its host switch when it is used in hazardous environments, because these modifications may cause malfunctioning, component damage, user injury, or even explosions. The standard environmental protection rating of the RSPM20-8SFP media module is IP 20 and it can operate in a temperature range from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


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