The RSPE37-8TX/4C-EEC-3S Managed Industrial Ethernet switch belongs to the Hirschmann RSPE series of managed switches. It comes with 28 ports, and an operating voltage range of 47 to 57 Volts DC. The standard power consumption rating of the module is 36 Watts.   

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About RSPE37-8TX/4C-EEC-3S

The RSPE37-8TX/4C-EEC-3S managed switch is a managed industrial Ethernet switch that has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann. It comes with a compact and highly robust design and with 28 Ethernet communication ports. It ensures maximum productivity of the host Ethernet systems through interruption-free data communication. It also has a compact stainless steel housing for protection and easy DIN Rail mounting. The RSPE37-8TX/4C-EEC-3S managed switch is specifically designed to be used in the energy sector and in the transportation industry. The mechanical construction of the switch includes DIN Rail mounting hardware, an IP 20 protection class, and 2500 grams of approximate weight. The rear side of the switch has a slot for the SD card and a thumb screw. It allows the users to connect end devices to it via the device ports and fiber optic or twisted pair cables.


The Hirschmann RSPE37-8TX/4C-EEC-3S managed switch is an enhanced power module that ensures precise time synchronization and highly reliable data communication. It provides increased security and reliability via router redundancy and static ports. It can be easily combined with all the Hirschmann Ethernet products in a system. It has a high level of immunity to electrostatic discharge. The main specifications of the switch are an operating voltage range of 47 to 57 Volts DC, a power consumption rating of 36 Watts, and an approximate weight of 2500 grams. The maximum number of media modules supported by this RSPE37-8TX/4C-EEC-3S switch is 2. It provides VLAN-based routing and it has cost-effective power through PoE. Its comprehensive security system provides network protection. It also provides a ready-to-operate media module that can be easily installed in a slot. It is recommended to install the switch in a fireproof enclosure. This switch is suitable for use under extreme environmental conditions.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Managed Fast Ethernet Switch


2-Pin Plug-In Terminal Block

47 to 57 Volts DC

36 Watts

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

-40 to 85 degrees Celsius

217 x 164 x 120 millimeters

2500 grams

IP 20

DIN Rail


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