The RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch belongs to the RSPE family of managed switches made by Hirschmann. It has 28 ports, a 3-pin plug-in terminal block, and hardware for DIN Rail mounting. The protection class of the switch is IP 20.

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About RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S

The RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S Managed Ethernet Switch is a Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switch manufactured by Hirschmann. It supports time-sensitive networks and it is supported by both standard and updated network versions. The RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S Managed Ethernet Switch’s communication network is protected against operating errors and attacks through its comprehensive security mechanisms. Its Layer 3 software package provides full wired speed IPv4 routing with the lowest possible level of latency. The main specifications of this managed switch include 28 ports, a 3-pin plug-in terminal block, an operating voltage range of 60 to 250 Volts DC, and 36 Watts of standard power consumption. The RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S Managed Ethernet Switch provides a range of management interfaces such as the V.24 external management interface, an SD card interface, a signal contact, and a USB interface.         


The Hirschmann RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S Managed Ethernet Switch offers high-availability seamless redundancy and parallel redundancy protocols. It has a compact DIN Rail housing with support for expansion modules. The switch's unique benefits include advanced security mechanisms, cost-effective power, high vibration resistance, advanced diagnostics and filtering functions, and a compact stainless steel housing. It can handle applications with rigorous real-time requirements with its reliable networking capabilities. The advanced security features available with the RSPE35-8TX/4C-EEC-2HV-3S Managed Ethernet Switch include the router redundancy, static ports, and VLAN-based routing features. It uses an auto configuration adapter for installing an optional SD card for special applications. This switch is made to be a future-proof industrial solution for delivering maximum Ethernet network availability. This switch can also handle an extended operating temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Managed Fast Ethernet Switch


3-pin Plug-In Terminal Block

60-250 Volts DC

36 Watts

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

-40 to 85 degrees Celsius

217 x 164 x 120 millimeters

2500 grams

IP 20

DIN Rail


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