The RSP35-08033O6TT-SK9V9HPE2S managed switch is a Hirschmann industrial managed Ethernet switch. It offer high-speed data transmisions. It comes with an enclosure rating of IP 30.

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About RSP35-08033O6TT-SK9V9HPE2S

The RSP35-08033O6TT-SK9V9HPE2S managed switch is a Hirschmann and Belden managed type of industrial Ethernet switch. It has 11 ports that offer high-speed data transmission. It is designed to be durable and robust and it comes with a fanless design. Eight of the Ethernet ports on the switch have speeds of 10/100 Mbits/s and they are Base TX RJ 45 ports, and 3 of them are Gigabit uplink ports with a speed of up to 1000 Mbits/s. The switch is easy to install and replace. It can be easily mounted by using the DIN Rail hardware that is attached to the back of the switch. The RSP35-08033O6TT-SK9V9HPE2S managed switch comes with redundancy protocols that help to provide uninterrupted data communication. The operating voltage rating of the switch is 24/36/48 Volts DC. The enclosure of the switch comes with a protection rating of IP 30. It can only be used for indoor applications only.


The front side of the Hirschmann and Belden RSP35-08033O6TT-SK9V9HPE2S managed Ethernet switch comes with an SD card slot that can connect with an auto configuration adapter known as the ACA31 adapter. A V.24 interface is also present and it uses an RJ 11 socket. This managed industrial switch has a power consumption rating of 19 Watts and a power output rating of 65 BTU per hour as heat during normal operation. For copper port connections, the switch uses twisted pair cables with a maximum length of 100 meters. A plug-in terminal block with 2 pins is present on the front side of the managed switch for the power supply connections. The RSP35-08033O6TT-SK9V9HPE2S managed switch can support different industrial protocols including the Ethernet IP protocol, IEC61850 protocol, and the Modbus protocol. For time synchronization, the switch uses the PTPv2 transparent 2-step, clock-buffered real-time clock and the SNTP server. The environmental temperature should range between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius for proper operation.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch


DIN Rail

24/36/48 Volts DC

IP 30


19 Watts

65 BTU per hour


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