The RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S by Hirschmann is a managed industrial Ethernet switch. It come with a terminal block and a V.24 interface. It has an SD card slot for auto configuration adapter.

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About RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S

The RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S switch is a managed Ethernet switch that is manufactured by Hirschmann. The switch has a fanless design and comes with a total of 11 ports. These 11 ports include 8 Ethernet ports with a communication speed of 10/100 Base TX and 3 fiber ports that are used for uplink connections and that support high speed data transfers and communication. The switch has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S managed switch has a voltage rating of 24/36/48 Volts DC. It consumes a total of 18 Watts of power during operation and it has a power output rating of 61 BTU per hour. The switch can be configured by using independent PC software. It comes with different features including unicast/multicast address entries, port prioritization, independent VLAN learning, interface shaping, multiple registration protocols, ingress storm protection, and low control features.


For diagnostics, the Hirschmann RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S managed switch has features like management address conflict detection, link speed and duplex monitoring, link flap detection, and configuration management features. The RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S managed switch uses twisted pair cables for networking. It supports both single-mode fiber and multimode fiber connections. Both line and start topologies are supported by this switch. The environmental temperature should be set between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius for regular operation. When not in use, this can be stored at temperatures between -40 and 70 degrees celsius. The RSP30-08033O6ZT-SCCV9HSE2S managed switch has dimensions that include a width of 90 millimeters, a height of 164 millimeters, and a depth of 120 millimeters.  For connection with an auto configuration adapter, a single SD card cloar is present on the switch. Along with the SD card, the switch is equipped with a V.24 interface for the RJ 11 socket. A plug-in terminal block is present at the top of the switch for the power supply and contact signaling connections.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch


18 Watts

61 BTU per Hour

24/36/48 Volts DC

0-60 degrees Celsius

IP 20



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