The catalog number RSB20-0900VVM2SAABHH represents a Fast Ethernet switch of the managed type. The switch is made by Hirschmann and it includes a total of 9 available ports. The ports include two 100BASE-FX (SM-SC) ports at uplink 1, a single 100BASE-FX (MM-SC) port at uplink 2, and 6 standard 10/100 BASE TX (RJ45) ports. The unit includes a plug-in terminal block with 6 pins and it fits a HIPER-Ring structure of more than 100 switches.

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About RSB20-0900VVM2SAABHH

The RSB20-0900VVM2SAABHH Fast Ethernet switch is designed and manufactured by Hirschmann as a managed type of industrial switch. Because it is a managed switch, it needs to be configured by the users through software or an interface before it can be used for the first time. The RSB20-0900VVM2SAABHH managed Ethernet switch is a durable component that ensures the highly reliable level of performance that is required by industrial machine control systems that are used for a variety of applications. This versatile and flexible managed switch comes with two 100BASE-FX/SM-SC ports, one 100BASE-FX/MM-SC port, and 6 standard 10/100 BASE TX/RJ45 ports. This amounts to a total of 9 ports which can be used for a variety of applications to provide Fast Ethernet communication. The Ethernet network where this switch is used supports cables of the MM and SM types. The multi-mode fiber cable can have a length of up to 4000 meters and the single-mode fiber cable can have a length of up to 32.5 kilometers. 


It is important to mention that the Hirschmann RSB20-0900VVM2SAABHH managed Fast Ethernet switch is delivered with a plug-in terminal block that is used for connecting to the power supply and signaling contact. The plug and play design of this managed switch separates it from similar switches on the market and makes it easy to install. The operating voltage range of this managed switch is 18 to 32 Volts DC and the current consumption rating is 365 milliamps. Additionally, the RSB20-0900VVM2SAABHH managed Ethernet switch is delivered with a user manual for easy reference and installation and it is meant to be mounted easily and securely on a DIN Rail. The environmental protection rating of the device is IP 20 and its weight is 400 grams (0.88 pounds).


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


2 x 100BASE-FX/SM-SC Ports, 1 x 100BASE-FX/MM-SC Port, 6 x Standard 10/100 BASE TX/RJ45 Ports

0 to 4000 meters

0 to 32.5 kilometers

24 Volts DC (18 to 32 Volts DC)

365 milliamps

30.3 BTU per Hour

IP 20

400 grams (0.88 pounds)

71 x 131 x 111 millimeters (2.8 x 5.1 x 4.3 inches)

0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius (-40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit)


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Common misspellings: