The Hirschmann Automation RSB20-0800S2S2SAABEH managed Ethernet rail switch provides Ethernet connections through TP ports and fiber-optic ports which are single-mode fiber-optic ports. This switch operates with a voltage range of 12 to 24 Volts DC. It comes with an LED display and a terminal block that provides the voltage and the signaling connections required for operations.

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About RSB20-0800S2S2SAABEH

The RSB20-0800S2S2SAABEH managed switch is an Ethernet rail switch that provides Ethernet network connections to different kinds of devices in an industrial application. This managed switch has been developed to be used in several practical applications in harsh industrial environments. This managed switch has been designed by Hirschmann Automation. There are specific steps that have to be taken before the installation and configuration of this switch to install it properly. The switch needs to be unpacked and inspected, and the switch's data needs to be written in the label area on the front panel so the switch can be easily identified. The terminal blocks for the voltage supply and signal contact also need to be connected to the supply voltage. After these steps are completed, the Hirschmann Automation RSB20-0800S2S2SAABEH managed Ethernet rail switch can be installed on a DIN Rail, grounded, and put into operation.


The Hirschmann Automation RSB20-0800S2S2SAABEH managed Ethernet rail switch comes with 8 Ethernet ports in total. These 8 ports are divided into 2 groups, and the first group consists of 6 ports that are meant to be used with the TP or twisted pair copper cables while the other 2 ports can be used with the single-mode fiber-optic cables. The Ethernet network provided by this switch conforms to the IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards. The 2 types of cables that are used by this switch can both be connected in a line topology structure or a ring topology structure. The Hirschmann Automation RSB20-0800S2S2SAABEH managed Ethernet rail switch weighs about 410 grams and it can operate at a maximum ambient temperature of 60 degrees Celsius without suffering any structural damage. This managed switch is enclosed in IP 20 rated protective housing.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Rail Switch


6 RJ45 Sockets

2 SM, DSC Ports

6-pin Terminal Block



12 to 24V DC

9.6 to 32V DC

DIN Rail


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