The Hirschmann Automation RS40-0009CCCCSDAE managed rail switch has been developed to operate in harsh environments in industrial automation applications. The main purpose of this device is to connect different equipment in an Ethernet network. This managed rail switch comes with one plug-in terminal block and a MAC address field on the front panel.

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About RS40-0009CCCCSDAE

The RS40-0009CCCCSDAE switch is a managed rail switch that has been designed and distributed by Hirschmann Automation. This specific managed switch has been manufactured to provide Ethernet connections to different equipment that is not necessarily located in the same place as the switch. This managed rail switch provides 2 types of ports which include 9 ports rated at 1000 Mbits per second and 4 combo ports. These ports can be used with both twisted pair and single-mode fiber-optic network cables. The Hirschmann Automation RS40-0009CCCCSDAE managed rail switch operates with 2 different voltage sources that are transmitted through its terminal block. The voltage ranges for this switch are 9.6 to 60 Volts DC and 18 to 30 Volts AC, and these ranges must not be exceeded during regular operations. If they are exceeded, this can cause permanent damage to the switch.


The Hirschmann Automation RS40-0009CCCCSDAE managed rail switch is connected through an RJ45 connector to the line topologies that it is used with. It can also be mounted on a DIN Rail along with its terminal block because it is a rail switch. When the switch is mounted, it also needs to be grounded before it is used, so that electromagnetic interference is diminished. The Hirschmann Automation RS40-0009CCCCSDAE managed rail switch comes with different physical features on its front panel such as LED indicators, a USB interface port, a MAC address field, and an IP address field. This managed switch can be configured through a V.24 interface connection, the HiDiscovery protocol, via the BOOTP, DHCP, and DHCP Option 82 protocols, or through an Auto-Configuration adapter. There is also basic information about the configuration of this managed switch in the user manual on the CD-ROM that comes with the switch.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Rail Switch


Nine 1000 Mbit/s Ports and 4 Combo Ports

Twisted-pair and Single-mode Fiber Cables

RJ45 Connectors

0-60 degrees Celsius

9.6 to 60 Volts DC

18 to 30 Volts AC




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