The Hirschmann Automation RS30-2402T1T1SDAP Ethernet switch can be managed through professional industrial software. It comes with LED indicators that show the status of the switch and its connections. This switch uses twisted-pair cables that are made with copper wires for connections.

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About RS30-2402T1T1SDAP

The RS30-2402T1T1SDAP managed switch is an Ethernet managed rail switch that provides an Ethernet connection to multiple types of equipment at the same time to include them all in the same network. This switch has been designed by Hirschmann Automation and included in the RS product line of managed switches for automation applications. This switch comes with 2 different kinds of ports that can be used with regular Ethernet connections and with Gigabit Ethernet connections. The difference between these ports is that the Gigabit Ethernet connections provide higher data transfer rates than the regular Ethernet connections. The regular ports are rated at 10/100 Mbits per second and the Gigabit ports are rated at 1000 Mbits per second. The Hirschmann Automation RS30-2402T1T1SDAP Ethernet managed rail switch has been approved by international industrial standards such as the UL1604 standards. It can operate in controlled environments and as long as the temperature is maintained within the standard range, it is not necessary to use ventilation equipment. The standard operating temperature range is from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.


The Hirschmann Automation RS30-2402T1T1SDAP Ethernet managed rail switch operates with 2 different voltage sources, one of them is a DC source and the other is an AC source. The DC voltage range for this managed switch goes from 9.6 to 60 Volts DC and the AC voltage range goes from 18 to 30 Volts AC. This switch comes with a terminal block that allows it to make all the necessary power connections to operate. The Hirschmann Automation RS30-2402T1T1SDAP Ethernet managed rail switch comes with professional software that the operators can use to manage it. Through this professional software, the switch can be programmed to operate as required for specific applications. The regular and Gigabit Ethernet ports can be programmed with this software too. The Hirschmann Automation RS30-2402T1T1SDAP Ethernet managed rail switch should only use its Gigabit ports for connections to the most demanding equipment in terms of data transfer rates and load concerns.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Rail Switch


Twenty-four 10/100 Mbit/s Ports, and Two 1000 Mbit/s Ports

Twisted-pair Cables


0-60 degrees Celsius

9.6 to 60 Volts DC

18 to 30 Volts AC

Professional Management Software



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