Hirschmann Automation manufactures the RS30-0802T1T1SDAE Managed Ethernet Switch as a member of the RS30 product line. It operates on a voltage rating of 12/24/48 Volts DC or 24 Volts AC. This switch has 10 Ethernet ports, 2 of which support Gigabit Ethernet.

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About RS30-0802T1T1SDAE

The RS30-0802T1T1SDAE Managed Switch is an industrial Fast Ethernet switch that is manufactured by Hirschmann Automation. It is a member of the Hirschmann RS30 switch product family, and it comes with 10 ports in total. These 10 ports include 8 standard 10/100Base TX or RJ45 ports, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This managed Fast Ethernet switch is well matched with the Software Layer 2 Enhanced Hirschmann software, and it supports DIN Rail mounting. It also comes with the store-and-forward switching functionality as well as a fanless design. The Hirschmann Automation RS30-0802T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Fast Ethernet Switch supports different interfaces including the V.24 interface, the USB interface for connecting the AutoConfiguration adapter, and the signaling contact/power supply interface. Other notable specifications of this device include support for twisted pair (TP) network cables with lengths of between 0 and 100 meters for the RJ45 ports. This switch works with either star or line network topologies and it has a HIPER-Ring structure switch.


The power requirements for the Hirschmann Automation RS30-0802T1T1SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch include a DC operating voltage rating of 12, 24, or 48 Volts DC with a redundant input voltage range of 9.6 to 60 Volts DC as well as an AC operating voltage rating of 24 Volts AC with a redundant input voltage range of 18 to 30 Volts AC. It has a current consumption rating of 346 milliamps at 24 Volts DC, and 186 milliamps at 48 Volts DC. The power output rating of this switch is 28.3 BTU (IT) per hour and it can also be used as part of a 50-switch HIPER-Ring structure with a reconfiguration time of less than 0.3 seconds. The Hirschmann RS30-0802T1T1SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch features a management serial interface, a HiVision file transfer interface, and a web interface. It also has features like LED indicators, port monitoring, address conflict detection, relay contact, and log-file features.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch



12/24/48V DC, 24V AC

346 mA

186 mA


DIN Rail

IP 20

Line, Star


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