The Hirschmann and Belden RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Ethernet Switch is manufactured as a member of RS22 product family. It operates on a nominal voltage rating of 48 Volts DC. This managed switch supports DIN Rail mounting.

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About RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X.

The RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Switch is an 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 PoE or Power over Ethernet ports. It is an industrial managed Ethernet Switch that has been manufactured by Hirschmann and Belden as part of the RS22 switch series. This device supports the Layer 2 Enhanced version of the Hirschmann software and it is made for DIN Rail mounting. The Hirschmann RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Ethernet Switch also supports the store-and-forward-switching functions, it has a fanless design because it is air-cooled, and it is protected by a metal housing. The operating voltage rating of this device is 48 Volts DC, and it has a current consumption rating of 160 milliamps at this voltage rating. The Hirschmann RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Ethernet PoE Switch comes with a HIPER Ring structure that can support 50 switches at a configuration time of not greater than 0.3 seconds. There are 3 interfaces that this industrial switch can use and they are the power supply and signaling contact interface, the V.24 interface, and the USB interface. 


The required ambient conditions for the Hirschmann RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Ethernet Switch include an operating temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, and a transport or storage temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. It can tolerate a relative humidity level of 10 to 95 percent with no condensation in both operation and storage. The Hirschmann RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Ethernet Switch has no protective paint on the PCB, but it has a maximum shock rating of 15 g for a duration of 11 milliseconds with 18 shocks. The dimensions of this device are approximately 90 x 137 x 115 millimeters, and it weighs about 820 grams. Its metal enclosure has an IP 20 rated protective class. This unit features an electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity rating of 6 kilovolts for the contact discharge and 8 kilovolts for the air discharge. Additionally, the device is certified by ISA for safe operation in hazardous locations. The Hirschmann RS22-0800S2S2SPAEHFXX.X. Managed Ethernet Switch is designed to offer an optimal degree of flexibility with a wide range of configurable options.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch



48V DC

DIN Rail

160 mA

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

10 to 95 percent (without condensing)

90 x 137 x 115 mm

820 g


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