Hirschmann manufactures the RS20-2400T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch as part of the RS20 product series. It has 24 copper ports. This managed switch runs on voltage rating of 12/24/48 Volts DC.

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About RS20-2400T1T1SDAE

The RS20-2400T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch is a product of Hirschmann and Belden. It features a total of 24 copper ports, and 2 uplink ports rated at up to 100 megabits per second of communication speed. The operational voltage rating of this Ethernet switch is 12/24/48 Volts DC and it also supports 9.6 to 60 Volts DC of redundant voltage to minimize downtime. It can operate safely in a temperature range from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hirschmann RS20-2400T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch features a fanless design and supports the use of the Layer 2 Enhanced Management Software. Other notable features and specifications of this switch include support for twisted pair network cables measuring 0 to 100 meters and support for both line and star network topologies. This switch can also support a HIPER ring structure with 50 switches and a configuration time of 0.3 seconds. 


The interfaces supported by the RS20 product line switches like the Hirschmann RS20-2400T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch include the USB interface for connecting to the AutoConfiguration adapter, and the power supply and signaling contact interface which is a 6-pin plug-in terminal block. The Hirschmann RS20-2400T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch not only runs on DC voltage with a redundant supply but it also can operate with 24 Volts AC voltage with a redundant voltage range of 18 to 30 Volts AC. This switch has a current consumption rating of 563 milliamps at 24 Volts DC and 282 milliamps at 48 Volts DC and a power output rating of 46.1 BTU (IT) per hour as heat. The RS20-2400T1T1SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch has an approximate weight of 650 grams, dimensions of 110 x 131 x 111 millimeters, and an IP 20 protection class. It has a shock rating of 15 g for a duration of 11 milliseconds which is equivalent to 18 shocks.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch

Industrial Switch


12/24/48V DC


Star and Ring

DIN Rail

650 g

IP 20

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

10 to 95 percent (without condensing)


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