The Hirschmann RS20-2400S2S2SDAE Ethernet Switch is manufactured as part of the RS20 product family. It features a total of 24 Ethernet ports and operates on a voltage rating of 12/24/48 Volts DC. It can be used in line and star topologies.

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About RS20-2400S2S2SDAE

The RS20-2400S2S2SDAE managed switch is a compact industrial OpenRail Fast Ethernet managed switch that has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann and Belden. This managed Ethernet switch belongs to the Hirschmann RS20 product family of OpenRail managed switches, and it has a total of 24 Fast Ethernet ports for communication. This switch makes it quick and easy to find and select its features through the use of a web configurator as well as with drop down lists. It also provides convenient configuration and diagnostics processes because of its wide range of available management functions. The Hirschmann RS20-2400S2S2SDAE managed Ethernet switch features a high level of network availability due to the fast redundancy protocols that it supports which minimize downtime. It also has high levels of data security because of its many security mechanisms.


Some of the most common applications of the Hirschmann RS20-2400S2S2SDAE compact OpenRail Fast Ethernet managed switch include automation applications where high demands are made on data communication through Ethernet, and these demands are widely different from one application to another. This switch can also handle plant and machine engineering applications. Additionally, the RS20-2400S2S2SDAE managed Ethernet switch can be used in both simple and complex installations that use Ethernet as the primary or only communication protocol. The RS20-2400S2S2SDAE managed Ethernet switch comes with all the certifications that are required for the safe transmission and distribution of power in industrial environments as well as for the safe transportation of gas and oil. The current consumption rating of this switch at 24 Volts DC is 663 milliamps, and it is 332 milliamps at 48 Volts DC.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch



12/24/48V DC

663 mA

332 mA


54.3 BTU (IT) per Hour


0 to 60 degrees Celsius

10 to 95 percent (with no condensation)


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Common misspellings: