The RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Fast Ethernet Switch is a managed industrial Ethernet rail switch designed by Hirschmann. It has 12/24/48 Volts DC of operating voltage, 392 milliamps of rated current consumption at 24 Volts DC, and 196 milliamps of rated current consumption at 48 Volts DC. The operating temperature range of the switch module is from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

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About RS20-1600T1T1SDAP

The RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Fast Ethernet Switch belongs to the RS20 family of managed industrial Ethernet rail switches manufactured by Hirschmann. It comes with 16 Fast Ethernet ports. The RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Managed Fast Ethernet Switch provides a range of redundancy functions, including the HIPER-Ring, ring/network coupling, MRP-Ring, and rapid spanning tree algorithm for maximum network uptime. The users can configure the device individually by setting up the ports, media type, temperature range, and the software variant that the switch will use in an application. Some of the essential software features of this switch module are the diagnostic facilities, security, industrial profile with Ethernet/IP protocol, and the manual cable crossing. The RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Managed Fast Ethernet Switch is specifically designed for large communication networks which need high port density in switches. It also offers precise synchronization.


The RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Managed Fast Ethernet Switch weighs 600 grams. It supports DIN rail mounting. It is supplied with a 6-pin plug-in terminal block and an operating manual. It offers a range of advanced features like the broadcast limiter, ring redundancy, link alarms, port control, and port security features. It ensures reliable and uninterrupted data communication with comprehensive security functions. The dimensions of the RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Managed Fast Ethernet Switch are 110 x 131 x 111 millimeters. It offers an integrated fault relay and fast configuration with automated recovery. This switch also provides continuous access to connected machines with its monitoring functions. The front panel of the device has a 2-pin DIP switch for configurations. This switch also has a 6-pin terminal block for power supply connections and connections to the signaling contacts. Its plug-in terminal block has a snap lock mechanism. The RS20-1600T1T1SDAP Managed Fast Ethernet Switch can be used in complex and high-performance networks with its advanced management functions.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Fast Ethernet Switch


6-pin plug-in Terminal Block

12/24/48 Volts DC

392 mA at 24V DC, 196 mA at 48V DC

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

110 x 131 x 111 millimeters

600 grams

IP 20

DIN Rail


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